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ORCID Status and Plans: Tokyo Outreach Meeting 2014


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ORCID Status and Plans: Tokyo Outreach Meeting 2014

  1. 1. Contact Info: p. +1-301-922-9062 a. 10411 Motor City Drive, Suite 750, Bethesda, MD 20817 USA orcid.org ORCID Status and Plans ORCID Outreach Meeting, NII, Tokyo, 4 November 2014 Laurel L. Haak, PhD Executive Director, ORCID L.Haak@orcid.org http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5109-3700
  2. 2. Mee#ng Sponsors
  3. 3. Programme Commi1ee We thank our dedicated local Programme Committee for their leadership in developing the meeting agenda, inviting speakers, and assistance with logistics: • Hideaki Takeda, NII and ORCID Board Member • Soichi Tokizane, Aichi University and ORCID Ambassador • Keita Bando, Nagoya Gakuin Daigaku and ORCID Ambassador • Nobuko Miyairi, Nature Publishing Group and ORCID Outreach Steering Group • Naoko Furubayashi, Thomson Reuters • Kazuhiro Hayashi, NISTEP
  4. 4. Programme The program highlights how research organizations, publishers, and professional societies in Asia are adopting ORCID. Our goal is to enable the community to share progress, strategies, and plans, and enable an ongoing conversation. • Introduce ORCID Provide update on status and plans, show examples of use in Asia-Pacific region • Perspectives from the community CrossRef, NII, KAMJE • Interactions with other identifiers NIMS, JST, KISTI • Implementation strategies Hong Kong Baptist University, National Taiwan Normal University, Japan Geosciences Union
  5. 5. 5 Digital scholarly communications requires information that is machine readable
  6. 6. Name ambiguity is a problem • Different versions (full name vs. initials) • Shared names • Transliteration Close to half of Korean nationals share the last name Lee, Park, or Kim.
  7. 7. Name ambiguity is a problem • Accents and other ALT characters • Name changes • Multiple family names J. Å. S. Sørensen J. Aa. S. Sørensen J. Åge S. Sørensen J. Aage S. Sørensen J. Åge Smærup Sørensen J. Aage Smaerup Sørensen
  8. 8. 8 Repositories DOI URI Thesis ID Funders Higher Education and Employers Professional Associations Publishers Other person identifiers ORCID is a hub ISNI Researcher ID Scopus Author ID Internal identifiers FundRefID GrantID ISNI Ringgold ID Member ID Abstract ID DOI ISBN ORCID enables machine-readable connections between iD and: • works • organizations • other IDs
  9. 9. ORCID provides plumbing for research information 4 November 2014 orcid.org 9
  10. 10. ORCID is a registry 10 • Free, non-proprietary registry of persistent unique public identifiers for researchers • Community-led non-profit organization supported by member fees • Open data and software
  11. 11. Adoption by researchers 1,000,000 900,000 800,000 700,000 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 Member Created Direct via orcid.org Via integration 4 November 2014 orcid.org 11 ORCID nearing 1 million issued iDs - Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct 2012 2013 2014
  12. 12. Integration in research systems Over 160 members, from every region and sector of the international research Associations 12% 4 November 2014 orcid.org 12 EMEA 35% AsiaPac 15% Americas 50% community Publishing 25% Universities & Research Orgs 45% Funders 7% Repositories & Profile Sys 11%
  13. 13. Use is International 4 November 2014 orcid.org 13 • Usage is international; 54 countries with over 10,000 users; 100 with over 1000 users. • Countries in Eastern Asia region (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) represent 16% of traffic. • ORCID Website is available in several languages; Russian and Portuguese coming soon
  14. 14. New features this year 4 November 2014 orcid.org 14 ü Custom claim emails for creator members: text, language, color/branding, and “from” email ü Improvements to authentication workflow including persistent write permission, combined sign-in and authentication, and OAuth form pre-fill ü In-place editing of biographical information to improve researcher engagement ü Continuous integration server improves speed of releases.
  15. 15. Coming soon… Completing highly-requested items from our user iDeas Forum 4 November 2014 orcid.org 15 ü Long-life Token (Oct 26) ü BibTeX Importer (Oct 31) ü New Languages: Japanese (Oct 31) ü Account Delegation (Oct 31) New User Interface: group works, sort, edit QR Code App Public Authentication API Community.orcid.org Members.orcid.org Messaging Interface
  16. 16. 2015 Technical Plans 4 November 2014 orcid.org 16 • Improve the API: make it more modular to better support integrations and querying • Improve the notification API: enable saved searches by field type • Improve website information flow: make it easier to find information • Enable API throttling: enabling access by all users • Support social login and federated login: improve ease of use • Improve reporting for university members: support community outreach efforts • Expand user interface and data model: support links with peer review, patents, software • Enable consumption of ORCID data in RDF schema: support use of data by more communities
  17. 17. Connecting an ORCID iD 4 November 2014 orcid.org The authenticated iD becomes a part of the paper The author can pre-populate form fields: preferred name, affiliation, funding Upon publication, the iD is indexed by CrossRef, Scopus, Web of Science, and other services. Information flows to ORCID and linked platforms 17 Journals are asking authors for their ORCID iD at time of manuscript submission.
  18. 18. 4 November 2014 orcid.org 18 DOI FundRef
  19. 19. • Over 130,000 articles have been submitted to CrossRef with an associated ORCID iD • These will start to flow into the ORCID registry before the end of the year • Researchers who use their ORCID iD when they publish will not need to manually update their record 4 November 2014 orcid.org 19
  20. 20. Publishers can help Publishers can make using an identifier easy for researchers by: • Collecting identifiers during submission and review (using authenticated login, not typing!) AND autofilling forms • Publishing identifiers in reviews, meetings, and manuscripts • Updating author and reviewer ORCID records 4 November 2014 orcid.org 20
  21. 21. 21 The entire research community is engaging with ORCID • Publishers • Research Funders • Professional Associations • Universities and Research Organizations • Repositories and Research Information Systems • Research Metrics Providers For a list of organizations and integrations see http://orcid.org/organizations/integrators
  22. 22. University Integration 4 November 2014 orcid.org 22
  23. 23. CAS/NSL: iAuthor • Create permanent CAS author home page using ORCID iD • Exchange works metadata between ORCID and CSCD • List ORCID iD on iAuthor account • Formal MOU for cooperation on researcher outreach 4 November 2014 orcid.org 23
  24. 24. National Approach Some countries are taking a national approach to ORCID integration, with universities, the national library, and funders coordinating efforts to develop a national IR fed by data from ORCID: • Denmark: launched September 2014 • Portugal: launched November 2013 • Sweden: National recommendation 2013 • UK: Jisc / ARMA Pilot Project 4 November 2014 orcid.org 24
  25. 25. Adoption “To-Do” List ① Integrate data fields for persistent identifiers for people, places, and things into your systems ② Collect persistent identifiers during transactions (using authenticated login, not typing!) AND use APIs to help autofill forms ③ Incorporate identifiers into published metadata 4 No vember 2014 orcid.org 25 Integrators Researchers ① Register for an ORCID iD ② Use it when submitting papers, applying for grants, depositing datasets, etc.
  26. 26. • Take 30 seconds to register at http://orcid.org/register • Free to researchers • Individual owns the record and controls privacy settings • Works on laptops, tablets, and phones • Available in multiple languages Register for your
  27. 27. Getting started Use free tools to connect your ORCID identifier to your name variations, affiliations, and your existing works and funding
  28. 28. Link to existing works 28 Connect your ORCID iD to existing works by using tools in ORCID interface or in external platforms Researchers can connect to existing works and push ORCID iD into indexes including Web of Science, Scopus, and Europe PubMedCentral
  29. 29. Link to awarded projects 4 November 2014 orcid.org Researchers can connect to existing projects 29 Funders can embed ORCID during the grant application workflow ORCID record includes, funder name, grant number, source, other provenance
  30. 30. Link to organization 4 November 2014 orcid.org 30 • List autopopulates based on type-ahead • All organizations have unique iD • University or employer can pre-populate and validate association • Can associate with multiple organizations
  31. 31. Thank you! 4 November 2014 orcid.org 31