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Haak orcid outreach_mtg_20120523

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Presentation by Laure Haak, ORCID Executive Director, at the May 2013 ORCID Outreach meeting in Oxford, UK

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Haak orcid outreach_mtg_20120523

  1. 1. orcid.org Contact Info: p. +1-301-922-9062 a. 10411 Motor City Drive, Suite 750, Bethesda, MD 20817 USA Status and PlansORCID Outreach Meeting, Oxford, 23 May 2013Laurel L. Haak, PhD Executive Director, ORCID L.Haak@orcid.org http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5109-3700
  2. 2. The research community haslacked the ability to linkresearchers and scholars with theirprofessional activities.2What is the problem?•  Discoverability within and across databases•  Author, grantee, and faculty record management•  Member and meeting management•  Reviewer selection•  Disclosure and COI
  3. 3. v ORCID is an international, interdisciplinary,open, not-for-profit, community-drivenorganization. We collaborate with researchersand organizations across the researchcommunity.v Our core mission is to provide an open registryof persistent unique identifiers forresearchers and scholars AND to automatelinkages to research works by embeddingidentifiers in research workflows.3ORCID Mission
  4. 4. Benefits to the communityv Unique and persistent iD can be used throughoutcareer across professional activities and affiliationsv ORCID iD is embedded in works metadata,independent of platformv Improved system interoperability – acrossdiscipline, organization, and country•  Reduced reporting workload for researchers•  Automates repository deposition•  Supports institutional reporting4
  5. 5. For benefits to be realized…•  Researchers must see the benefit of creatingORCID iDs AND must create or claim anORCID Account•  Research information processes and systemsmust adopt ORCID as a standard personidentifier AND embed ORCID iDs AND linkback with the ORCID Registry•  Research community must support theORCID mission by becoming a member5
  6. 6. Growth since launch6By May 17, ORCID had issued 141,970 identifiers
  7. 7. Registry use is international7•  13 countries >10,000 visitors•  53 countries >1000Country   Visits   %  United  States   80722   17.3%  United  Kingdom   32232   6.9%  China   31815   6.8%  Spain   25778   5.5%  Italy   22618   4.8%  Brazil   21647   4.6%  India   20208   4.3%  Germany   19232   4.1%  Australia   16542   3.5%  Japan   16005   3.4%  France   13666   2.9%  Canada   10570   2.3%  Russia   8209   1.8%  Portugal   7965   1.7%  Egypt   7493   1.6%  Netherlands   7115   1.5%  Malaysia   6567   1.4%  Turkey   5963   1.3%  Iran   5947   1.3%  South  Korea   5850   1.3%  Taiwan   5683   1.2%  Sweden   5487   1.2%  Poland   5080   1.1%  Switzerland   4957   1.1%  
  8. 8. ORCID Members22 May 2013 orcid.org 8ORCID has 50 members, from a broad cross-section ofthe research community
  9. 9. Traffic driven by integrationsAbout half of visitors arevisiting the site directly, athird from publisher sites,and a tenth from integrationswith external identifiers22 May 2013 orcid.org 9ORCIDRegistry48%External IDs10%Publishers28%Social1% Other8%Repository0%Google5%
  10. 10. Embedding is widespreadv University CRIS systemsv Manuscript submissionv Grant applicationsv Linkage with repositoriesv Linkage with other IDsExploring integration in association membership andconference systems. ORCID has been proposed as acomponent of FIM and COI systems.10
  11. 11. 11Import publicationsfrom ORCID RecordLink betweenprofile andORCID iDCRIS system integration
  12. 12. 12HR system integrationAdd ORCID iD touniversity HR systemSystem will provideORCID-HUID pairsfor use in Harvardapplications, such asDASH open accessrepositoryhttp://library.harvard.edu/harvard-adopt-service-uniquely-identify-academic-authors
  13. 13. “Nature journals authors canlink their ORCID to theiraccount in our manuscriptsubmission and trackingsystem, and we will soon bepublishing authors’ ORCIDs inpapers.”13Manuscript submissionORCID iDs are being received by CrossRef and PubMedDiehl LA, Souza RM,Alves JB, Gordan PA, Esteves RZ, Jorge ML, Coelho IC. InsuOnline, a SeriousGame to Teach Insulin Therapy to Primary Care Physicians: Design of the Game and aRandomized Controlled Trial for EducationalValidation. JMIR Res Protoc. 2013 Jan 21;2(1):e5.doi: 10.2196/resprot.2431. PubMed PMID: 23612462, AUID- ORCID: 0000-0002-9958-7213
  14. 14. 14Grant applicationsImport informationfrom ORCID recordLink grant application toORCID identifierNIH ScienCV to pilot useof ORCID iDs this summer
  15. 15. Linking with repositories15Import works metadata from sourcesincluding CrossRef, Scopus, and DataCitehttp://odin-project.eu/2013/05/13/new-orcid-integrated-data-citation-tool/
  16. 16. External IDs16Create an ORCID iDor associate existingORCID iD withResearcherIDExchange profile and/or publication databetween ORCID andResearcherID
  17. 17. Interoperability with ISNI17•  Joint statement on interoperation•  3-part technical implementation plan•  link ISNIs with ORCID records•  create tools to harvest document metadatafrom relevant databases•  implement authenticated search and linkage ofORCID iDs with ISNI records, and test thefeasibility of allowing review and validation ofISNI records.
  18. 18. ISNI interoperability map18
  19. 19. 19National adoptionhttp://openaccess.blogg.kb.se/2013/01/30/slutrapport-fran-projekt-forfattarindentifikatorer/
  20. 20. 20Persistent identifiersCourtesy of Herbert van de Sompel,http://www.slideshare.net/hvdsomp/towards-a-machineactionable-scholarly-communication-systemIn data models,“contributors” are movingfrom periphery to center
  21. 21. Q1Launch Ambassador ProgramPublish Open Source CodeCall for Developers: May CodefestWorkflow for LocalizationNew Features: Multi EmailStandard Integration: PublishersPremium Benefits: Reports,WebhooksQ2Train AmbassadorsBuild out methods for Open Source CmtyHost May Outreach Mtg and CodefestLaunch Localized UI #1 (ORC)New Features: Affiliations, Grants, ProxiesStd Integration: External IDs, RepositoriesStd Framework: Search and ImportQ3Start work on claim store reqtsCall for Developers: October CodefestLaunch UI in Spanish, French, ChineseNew Features: Patents, Cross-link worksStandard Integration: UniversitiesQ4Complete work on claim store reqtsHost October Outreach Mtg and CodefestNew Features: Pictures,Author linking, InviteStd Integration: Funders2013 roadmap
  22. 22. •  Rebecca Bryant – Outreach Activities•  Laura Paglione – Technical Review and Charge toCodeFest Participants•  Integration Demonstrations – BostonUniversity, Hindawi, DataCite, Avedas•  Keynote presentations by Johanna McEntyre ofEurope PubMed Central and David De Roure ofOxford e-Research Center.•  Panel Discussions on Social andTechnicalAspects of Data AttributionMeeting agenda