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Technical implementation of ORCID support for Texas A&M scholars

  1. A Case Study in Development, Workflows, and Ongoing Support Technical Implementation of ORCID Support for Texas A&M Scholars James Creel, Senior Lead Software Applications Developer
  2. Talk Outline  Background and Context  Software Development Methodology  Use Cases and Workflows  Reflections and Future Work
  3. Project Background  Institutional grant imperatives vs. Campus IT capabilities  Library Development Team’s role  ORCID Assignment for all graduate students  Future plans for Campus-wide identifiers
  4.  Agile Scrum  Cyclical development with product-owner review for each iteration  Daily review of feature/bug-fix development  Product Ownership  Grant PI  Customer-facing concerns Development Methodology
  5.  ORCID creation for present graduate students  ORCID association for present ORCID owners  ORCID creation for future students, faculty, and staff contributors  Work association for ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) from the Vireo ETD Management System Use Cases
  6.  Read-access to ORCID record  Needed to see if a student/researcher has a record yet  Write-access to ORCID record  Needed to associate ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) with students’ records  Central requirement of grant, as communicated by our PI product owner Use Cases, Continued: Institutional Concerns
  7.  Email prelude sent to students based on campus records  ORCID creation script - as a member institution, we are permitted to create a record for each of our graduate students  This does invoke a request for each scholar’s acknowledgement/claim  It behooves us to provide a middleware application for TAMU scholars to manage their ORCID accounts during their association with the University Workflows (1): Mass ORCID Creation
  8.  The essential element of the grant as communicated by our PI  The ORCID is now a field in the Vireo ETD Submission/Management system and provided by campus LDAP if available  Vireo records can be exported in the ORCID Works XML format to be read TAMU Libraries middleware Workflows (2): ETD works
  9. ETD Work (in batch) is exported from Vireo Workflows: Adding ETDs
  10. ETD Work (in batch) is exported from Vireo Workflows: Adding ETDs
  11. ORCID Management App – Front Page Workflows: Adding ETDs
  12. ORCID Management App – Upload Vireo Export Zipfile of Work XML Docs Workflows: Adding ETDs
  13. ORCID Management App – Zipfile Upload console information Workflows: Technical View of ETD Addition
  14. ORCID Central –following email link to provide authorization Workflows: Adding ETDs
  15. ORCID Central Redirects to ORCID Middleware Workflows: Adding ETDs
  16. ORCID Central Redirects to ORCID Middleware – console output
  17. ORCID Central Reflects Work Addition Workflows: Adding ETDs
  18. Reflections and Future Work  Emails to graduates (potentially months after ETD submittal) may not succeed…  Our PI is pursuing a delegation of update privileges that occurs during Vireo workflow
  19. Reflections and Future Work – Recent Developments  ORCID values have recently been put into campus LDAP and made deliverable in Shibboleth payloads  Vireo and our ORCID Management App are already enabled to receive this information – we will further enable our IR and other applications as we are able.
  20. Reflections and Future Work  Currently planning for production roll-out  Developer wish-list  Mock ORCID-central server for unit-testing  Pure HTML5/Angular.js frontend uncoupled from Middleware API for next generation of the software