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Demo of open learn, openlearn works and jorum re:source

Demonstration of three Open Educational Resource platforms for West College Scotland

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Demo of open learn, openlearn works and jorum re:source

  1. 1. Demonstration of OpenLearn, OpenLearn Works and Re:Source (Jorum) for West College Scotland 15 August 2014
  2. 2. • The Open University Charter: “…to provide education of University and professional standard for its students and to promote the educational well-being of the community generally”
  3. 3. OpenLearn www.open.edu
  4. 4. http://www.open.edu/openlearn/
  5. 5. Context: Who Are Our Informal Learners? 5% are under 18 62% are over 45 81% speak English as their first language 41% are full-time employed 20% are retired 19% consider themselves to have a disability When asked the reasons for their interest in OpenLearn study materials nearly 84% say ‘personal interest’ but learners study for a wide range of reasons
  6. 6. OpenLearn Works www.open.edu/openlearnworks/
  7. 7. New Opportunities in Open Education OpenLearn Works The OU has a pilot project platform called OpenLearn Works which copied OpenLearn and provides a free public space for people to run their own free learning projects. TESS-India, HEAT, Gates Foundation and other projects use this as a development and hosting space. We have recently gained a significant investment to develop this into a hub for OER and Open Educational Practice. This includes: • adding more content on good open educational practice including case studies, • improvements which support communities and organisations to make the most of OER, • clearer guidance on creating and uploading OER, • multi-format (including eBook) publishing tools, • new support mechanisms like badging, • interoperability with other platforms and technologies, • improved user profile functions
  8. 8. www.open.edu/openlearnworks
  9. 9. http://www.open.edu/openlearnworks/course/view.php?id=1581
  10. 10. Re:Source http://resource.blogs.scotcol.ac.uk/
  11. 11. http://resource.blogs.scotcol.ac.uk/
  12. 12. Blog http://oepscotland.org/ email OEPScotland@open.ac.uk and oepscotland@gmail.com