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Presentation - Seventh Roundtable on Financing Agricultural Water - Walid Saleh

Presentation - Seventh Roundtable on Financing Agricultural Water - Walid Saleh, PhD, Chief Technical Advisor and Head of office – Aden, U.N. FAO, Republic of Yemen

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Presentation - Seventh Roundtable on Financing Agricultural Water - Walid Saleh

  1. 1. Sana’aBasinProject Decentralized Integrated Water Resource Management System in Sana’a Basin Case Study
  2. 2. Case Study Highlights • Sana’a Basin Groundwater table draw down by 7 m annually • Many Experts Predict that Sana’a City will be the first World Capital that Runs out of Water • Sana’a Basin Attracted significant investment yet did not make a difference • Agriculture in Sana’a Basin suffers from low water efficiency, low productivity & poor quality, water conflict, poor community organizations, no modern irrigation technologies, No women involvement, and venerable to climate change 2
  3. 3. 3 Projects implementation considered HDP nexus (the project was designed during the peace time as a development project, however, the implementation was during war time). The project focused on :  Irrigation Modernization,  Water demand management,  30% reduction in water consumption through 10 Years IWRM plans.  Decentralization water management through WUAs,  (Protected Agriculture, Solar Water Pumps, Water Conflict Resolution, Wastewater Reuse, Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Drought Tolerant Plants, Coffee for Qat, Adoption of WaPor: Remote Sensing to Monitor Water Productivity, Women & Youth Involvement) Case Study Highlights
  4. 4. SDGs Contributions 4
  5. 5. SDG Description Contributed - indicator SDG2.3.1 - indicator SDG2.3.2 - indicator SDG 2.4.1 - increase the volume of production about 46 % - increase the average income of farmers about 25 % - increase agricultural area under productive and sustainable agriculture by 2078 ha - indicator SDG 5.5.2 - through 30% participating on Water Users Association (WUAs’) board of directors which empowering women in managerial positions. - indicator SDG 6.3.1 - indicator SDG 6.4.1 - indicator SDG 6.4.2 - Indicator SDG 6.5.1 - through construction of 4 pilot wastewater treatment plants - increase Irrigation Water Use efficiency about 25 % - decrease water consumption stress about 19 %. - increase the Degree of integrated water resources management implementation 10 years strategic plans were developed. - indicator SDG 16.1.2 - through resolving peacefully 30 water related conflicts and promoting community peace which decrees Conflict- related deaths. 5 STEP-BY-STEP MONITORING METHODOLOGY FOR Indicators under FAO custodianship
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