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Interlinkages kato(oecd) ccxg gf sep2014

streamlining and enhancing interlinkages for means of implementation

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Interlinkages kato(oecd) ccxg gf sep2014

  1. 1. enhancing inter-linkages for Means of Implementation Based on the discussion paper “Options for Streamlining the UNFCCC Process and Enhancing Inter-linkages in the Post-2020 Period” by Gregory Briner, Takayoshi Kato, Susanne Konrad and Christina Hood CCXG Global Forum 17 September 2014 Streamlining and Takayoshi Kato, OECD takayoshi.kato@oecd.org Climate Change Expert Group www.oecd.org/env/cc/ccxg.htm
  2. 2. Outline Background Why streamlining and inter-linkages are important for Means of Implementation? Where do opportunities for streamlining and enhancing inter-linkages exist? o Outlining three “strawman” models Discussion questions 2 Climate Change Expert Group
  3. 3. Background: Means of implementation Means of Implementation (MOI): Finance, technology, and capacity building (CB) All are needed to support developing countries to implement mitigation and adaptation actions. Finance is directed to: mitigation and adaptation actions, and projects/programmes for CB and technology. 3 Climate Change Expert Group
  4. 4. Focus This presentation focuses on streamlining and enhancing inter-linkages among mechanisms and arrangements for MOI. 4 Climate Change Expert Group
  5. 5. Why streamline and inter-link? Efforts for MOI are cross-cutting in nature. MOI involves a number of arrangements and mechanisms both inside and outside UNFCCC. Risks that their work can be duplicated/fragmented. Discussion on streamlining and inter-linkages is necessary and already on-going (e.g. at SCF and GCF). Finance under UNFCCC Examples Technology Capacity Building Programme on Article 6, Framework for CB in developing countries and EiT. (e.g.) GCF, GEF, SCF, Adaptation Fund(under KP) (e.g.) TEC, CTCN, Poznan Strategic Program on Technology Transfer (e.g.) Durban Forum on CB, Doha Work 5 Climate Change Expert Group
  6. 6. Opportunities for streamlining and stronger inter-linkages? Three “strawman” models for streamlining and enhancing inter-linkages of institutional arrangements under UNFCCC. There may also be “middle course” between those models. Model 1: Status quo plus Model 2: Three sister mechanisms Model 3: Nested windows under GCF 6 Climate Change Expert Group
  7. 7. Model 1: Status quo plus No significant change to the existing mechanisms and arrangements, but potentially greater role of the SCF. Could lead to smoother translation. May risk continuing the current fragmentation of work for MOI (UNFCCC, 2014g). KP CMP AC SCF LEG 7 Climate Change Expert Group TEC CTC N COP Durban forum on CB GCF Doha Work programme/ dialogue on article 6 GEF AF SCF
  8. 8. Model 2: Three sister mechanisms for finance, technology and capacity building More symmetrical arrangements with the FM, the TM and a “Capacity Building Mechanism” whose focus could be to reduce fragmentation of efforts for CB by multiple actors (rather than creating more work-streams). Establishing a new institution might lead to greater costs. The Financial Mechanism COP The Technology Mechanism SCF TEC (A Capacity Building 8 Climate Change Expert Group (A Capacity Building Mechanism) Committee) LEG Durban forum Doha work programme/dial ogue AF GCF GEF CTCN CTCN
  9. 9. Model 3: Nested windows under GCF Seeking a greater opportunity for streamlining by centralising decision making in the GCF Board (with the support from other arrangements/mechanisms). The Board might be imposed excessive burden, which might lead to greater fragmentation of support. COP SCF GCF GCF Board Mitigation (CB) (Tech-transfer) (LDCs / SIDS) 9 Climate Change Expert Group GEF PSF (Thematic windows) TEC/CTCN Durban forum on CB AC LEG Input Adaptation Doha work programme
  10. 10. Discussion questions How could the 2015 Agreement help to streamline the arrangements and mechanisms for finance, technology and capacity building? How could greater co-ordination and stronger inter-linkages be forged between arrangements and mechanisms relating to finance, technology and capacity building? 10 Climate Change Expert Group