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CCXG Forum, March 2023, Rueanna Haynes

  1. GST Presentation Session C1: Towards a Successful Outcome of the Global Stocktake OECD-CCXG 22/03/2023 Rueanna Haynes
  2. Questions 1.What would a successful outcome of GST 1 look like? 2.What is needed at COP28 to reach a successful outcome of GST1 and how can this momentum be carried forward in future years?
  3. Elements of GST 1 Outcome Response to IPCC AR 6 and latest science – Political declaration Recommendations of specific actions in thematic areas with accompanying toolkits – implementing decision; outcome of technical dialogues Follow-up to 2025 – implementing decision
  4. Response to IPCC AR 6 - Call to action  Marshall Plan on climate change?  Course correction?  Acceleration agenda?  A new international cooperation on climate change? Incorporating equity and justice  Hope/inspiration? Figure SPM 1 IPCC AR6
  5. Recommendations of actions in thematic areas  Mitigation  Peaking year commitment  Over delivery on current NDCs  Enhanced NDCs for 2030/2035 – economy wide; covering all gases/sectors  Adaptation  Accelerated implementation of GGA  Support for adaptation plans and actions  Balancing mitigation and adaptation finance flows  Means of implementation  Advancements in access to climate finance  Technology transfer in support of just transition  Loss and damage  Support the captalisation of the loss and damage fund  Response measures  Shaping the global discourse on just transition to low carbon economies And a tool-kit of best practices, success-stories and technical solutions for identified gaps and blockages…
  6. Follow up to 2025  Mandates to specific bodies (MWP, NCQG, new SB Wkng grp?)  Role of non-party stakeholders, platform for ongoing participation? Accountability for pledges? Figure SPM 6 IPCC AR6