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CCXG Forum, March 2023, Charlene Watson

  1. The landscape of institutions and funding arrangements for loss and damage: What questions to ask? Charlene Watson 21st March 2023
  2. The what determines the how • A clear gap in ‘addressing’ loss and damage • Emerging but not complete information on needs • Necessary to match funding arrangements to discrete needs: • Rapid vs slow onset • Differential vulnerabilities • Non economic losses and damages Image extracted from the independent GST finance working group publication linking the GST with the NCQG
  3. Multiple relevant institutions and architectures • Clear role for international concessional finance flows • Links to UNFCCC processes, including New Collective Quantified Goal to international financial system reform • Gaps in existing international concessional finance architectures (humanitarian, disaster risk reduction, climate finance)
  4. Value in going beyond sources and channels of aid and climate finance Image extracted from the independent GST finance working group publication on phasing out fossil fuel finance • e.g. domestic public finance levers
  5. Conclusion • Multiple types of institutions and financial arrangements that can address the range of loss and damages in respect of needs and each have pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses • Strike a balance between reporting and accountability needs (seeking more labelling from both provider and recipient perspective) with getting the breadth of needs addressed for the mosaic • Can a principle-based approach with focus on outcomes, guide which institution does what, with all actors consciously active?