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Famous Americans

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Second grade slideshow from 2005

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Famous Americans

  1. 1. Famous Americans by the Second Graders of Concord Hill School 2004-2005
  2. 2. John Adams (1735-1826) <ul><li>John Adams was the second president of the United States. He was the first president to live in the White House. He had been the vice president when George Washington was President. His son also was a president. John Adams was brave, patriotic, smart, cheerful, and faithful. He made agreements with other countries and that is why I respect him. </li></ul>Sources: “ Adams, John,” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol 1. “ Adams, John,” World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 1. Harness, Cheryl. The Revolutionary John Adams . Washington, DC: National Geographic, 2003. “ John Adams.” The White House. 2005. < http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/presidents/ja2.htm > By Nick
  3. 3. Neil Armstrong (1930- ) <ul><li>Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon. He was born in Ohio. When he was six he went up in a plane for the first time. Neil became a Navy pilot. He got married and had two sons. He became an astronaut with NASA in 1962 and joined a space mission. He landed the lunar module Eagle ship on the moon in 1969. He got the Freedom medal, a Goddard Trophy in 1970, and the Congressional Space Medal. He quit NASA in 1971. He was skillful because he went on the moon and he had to know a lot. He also was smart and brave and studied a lot. </li></ul>Sources “ Armstrong, Neil.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 1. Brown, Don. One Giant Leap: a book about Neil Armstrong . Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998. “ Neil A. Armstrong.” NASA 2005. < http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/armstrong-na.html > By Matthew
  4. 4. Clara Barton (1821-1912) <ul><li>Clara Barton started the American Red Cross. When she was little, she played nurse, taking care of pets that were sick or injured. She risked her life as a nurse in the Civil War. She was called the Angel of the Battlefield. In 1869, she went to Europe and learned about the International Red Cross. When she got back home, she started the American Red Cross. She was its first president. She spent the rest of her life at Glen Echo, Maryland, where she died in 1912 at the age of 91. </li></ul>By Gracie Sources: “ Barton, Clara,” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 2. Chew, Robin, “Clara Barton, American Humanitarian.” Lucid Interactive 1995. http://www.lucidcafe.com/library/95dec/barton.html Price, Olive. The Story of Clara Barton . New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1954.
  5. 5. Daniel Boone (1734 -1820) <ul><li>Daniel Boone was born in a log cabin. He was one of the most famous pioneers in United States history. He was also a famous hunter. He spent most of his life hunting and exploring and clearing the Wilderness Road. I admire him because he was brave. </li></ul>By Carder Sources: “ Boone, Daniel.” The World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia . Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 2. “ Daniel Boone: American Pioneer and Explorer.” Enchanted Learning. 2005. < http:// www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/b/boone.shtml .>
  6. 6. Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) <ul><li>Mary Cassatt was a famous painter. She was born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. Mary was interested in art when she was younger. She painted portraits of moms and babies. She traveled a lot and lived in France and in the United States. She finally stopped painting when she was older and couldn’t see very well. I admire Mary Cassatt because she was very artistic. She was independent when she was a grownup. She was smart, thoughtful, and kind. </li></ul>By Olivia P. Sources: “ Cassatt, Mary,” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 3. “ Mary Cassatt.” Wikimedia Foundation. 2005. < http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Cassatt > Turner, Robyn. Mary Cassatt . Boston: Little, Brown, 1992.
  7. 7. Frederick Douglass (1818?-1895) <ul><li>Frederick Douglass spoke out against slavery. He was born a slave in Maryland, but he escaped. He later had a meeting with Abe Lincoln. He told him to outlaw slavery. He started a newspaper called the North Star. He was independent, secretive and daring. </li></ul>By William Sources: Adler, David A. A Picture Book of Frederick Douglass . New York: Holiday House, 1993. “ Douglass, Frederick,” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 4. “ Frederick Douglass.” Enchanted Learning. 2005. < http:// www.enchantedlearning.com/history/us/aframer/douglass />
  8. 8. Thomas Edison (1847-1931) <ul><li>Thomas Edison was an inventor. He was born Feb. 11, 1847 in Ohio. He got a job when he was thirteen. He invented the light bulb and the record player. He also invented the movie projector. He died on October 13, 1931. I admire Thomas Edison because he was a hard worker. He was determined to invent the light bulb and it took a lot of tries. </li></ul>Sources Adler, David. A Picture Book of Thomas Edison . New York: Holiday House, 1999. “ Edison, Thomas.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 4. “ Thomas Alva Edison.” Enchanted Learning 2005. < http:// www.enchantedlearning.com/inventors/page/e/edison.shtml > By Morgan
  9. 9. Ben Franklin (1706-1790) <ul><li>Ben Franklin was a leader, printer, scientist and inventor. He helped write the Declaration of Independence. He signed the Constitution of America. He made an Almanac and it was a great success. He proved lightning was electricity. He was one of the people who lived the longest. He was musical, a cartoonist and a world traveler. He was a newspaper owner. Some of the things he invented are bifocal glasses, the Franklin Stove, swim-fins, the glass harmonica, and the odometer. I admire Ben Franklin because he showed that lightning was electricity. He was clever, skillful, proud, talented, and smart. </li></ul>By Caden Sources: “ Benjamin Franklin: American Inventor.” Enchanted Learning 2005. < http:// www.enchantedlearning.com/inventors/page/f/franklin.shtml > “ Franklin, Benjamin.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 4. Schanzer, Roslyn. How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning . New York: HarperCollins, 2003.
  10. 10. Michael Jordan (1963-) <ul><li>Michael Jordan was one of the best and most exciting basketball players ever. He scored 2,313 points when he was in college. He was 6 feet, 6 inches tall when he was 23. He got the winning shot in the NCAA championship game in 1982. He was the NBA most valuable player 5 times. He can do a 360 degree dunk! Jordan retired from basketball. I admire him because he is athletic. </li></ul>By Ben Sources: “ Jordan, Michael,” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 6. Jordan, Roslyn. Salt in his shoes: Michael Jordan in pursuit of a dream . New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000. “ Michael Jordan.” The Sporting News. 2005 < http:// www.sportingnews.com/archives/jordan/index.html >.
  11. 11. Helen Keller (1880-1968) <ul><li>Helen Keller is famous because she was blind and deaf but she did most things blind and deaf people could not do. She was happy and a smart baby but then she got a bad fever and became blind and deaf. She had special hand signs to tell other people what she wanted. She first met Annie Sullivan in 1887. Annie taught Helen to spell words with her fingers. Then Helen Keller was able to help other blind people. Helen was curious, smart, daring, clever, brave, determined, adventurous, and skillful. </li></ul>By Ginna Sources: Adler, David A. A Picture Book of Helen Keller . New York: Holiday House, 1990. “ Helen Keller Kids Museum.” American Foundation for the Blind. 2005. http:// www.afb.org/braillebug/helen_keller_bio.asp “ Keller, Helen.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 6.
  12. 12. Jesse Owens (1913-1980) <ul><li>Jesse Owens was a very good athlete. In college, he broke three world records and tied another one, all within ten minutes. In the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, he won four gold medals. Then he could buy a new car every year for the rest of his life! I admire Jesse Owens because he was athletic, proud, talented, independent, and eager. </li></ul>By Buck Sources: Adler, David A. A Picture Book of Jesse Owens . New York: Holiday House, 1992. “ Official Jesse Owens Website.” CMG Worldwide. 2005. < http://www.jesseowens.com/jobio2.html > “ Owens, Jesse.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 8.
  13. 13. Rosa Parks (1913-) <ul><li>In 1955 Rosa Parks, an African-American, did not give up her bus seat for a white person. She got arrested. Then black people stopped riding the bus, so the bus company was not earning as much money as it used to. Her bravery made more black people protest. That helped Martin Luther King, Jr. make the law fair. I think Rosa Parks appreciates that people want to learn about her and her life. She was a very important person in American history. I admire her because she is smart, brave and proud. </li></ul>By Claudia Sources: Parks, Rosa. I am Rosa Parks . New York: Dial Books for Young Readers, 1997. “ Parks, Rosa.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 9. “ Spotlight on Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.” Girl Power. 2005. < http:// www.girlpower.gov/girlarea/gpguests/RosaParks.htm >.
  14. 14. Elvis Presley (1935-1977) <ul><li>Elvis Presley was a famous singer. He was one of the first rock singers, and some of his hits were “Jailhouse Rock” and “Hound Dog.” His full name was Elvis Aaron Presley. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. He lived in a two room house and he heard a lot of gospel music growing up. Elvis made history with his TV shows. He won Gold, Platinum and Multi-platinum albums. </li></ul><ul><li>I admire Elvis Presley because he was adventurous, musical, daring, independent, creative, and jazzy. </li></ul>By Simon Sources: Krohn, Katherine E. Elvis Presley: the King . Minneapolis: Lerner, 1994. “ Presley, Elvis.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 9. Rubel, David. “Presley, Elvis.” World Book Encyclopedia . Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 15. Young, Tracy. “Biography of Elvis Presley.” Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project. 2005 < http://www.shs.starkville.k12.ms.us/mswm/MSWritersAndMusicians/musicians/Presley.html#bio >
  15. 15. Betsy Ross (1752-1836) <ul><li>Betsy Ross created the first American flag. When she was little she made white caps. She was the 8 th of 17 children in her family! She was a Quaker girl. When she grew up she married John Ross, but he died in the Army. Betsy was a flag maker for Pennsylvania. George Washington asked her to make a flag for the whole country. Betsy Ross was very creative and artistic. She was independent, talented, and skillful. </li></ul>Sources “ Betsy Ross: her life.” Independence Hall Association, 2005. < http:// www.ushistory.org/betsy/flaglife.html > “ Ross, Betsy,” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 9. Wallner, Alexandra. Betsy Ross . New York: Holiday House, 1994. By Olivia E.
  16. 16. Sacagawea (1788-1812) <ul><li>Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark on their journey to the west coast of America. To honor her the government put her face on the gold dollar. She also has a statue in South Dakota. She had a boy named Pomp and a girl named Lisette. Another name for Sacagawea was Bird Woman. I admire her because she was brave, clever, and helpful. </li></ul>By Kelly Sources: Erdrich, Liselotte. Sacagawea . Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books, 2003. “ Sacagawea,” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 10. “ Sacajawea (Sacagawea): Guide for Lewis and Clark.” Enchanted Learning. 2005. < http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/s/sacajawea.shtml > http://www.imahero.com/photos/sacagawea_main.html
  17. 17. Maria Tallchief (1925-) <ul><li>Maria Tallchief is the first famous American-trained ballerina. She was born in 1925 in Oklahoma, where her father was an Osage Indian chief. She studied ballet in Los Angeles and mostly danced in the New York City Ballet. She danced with them from 1947 to 1965. She started the Chicago City Ballet in 1980. She was awarded a Kennedy Center Award for her life’s work. </li></ul><ul><li>Maria Tallchief is very musical, skillful, graceful, athletic and determined. She is also polite, loving, trustworthy and friendly. </li></ul>By Clara Sources: “ Biography of Maria Tallchief.” John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. < http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/index.cfm?fuseaction = showIndividual&entitY_id =3758&source_type=A > Gourley, Catherine. Who is Maria Tallchief?” New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 2002. Matheson, Katy. “Tallchief, Maria.” World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago, World Book, 2000. vol. 19.
  18. 18. Tiger Woods (1975-) <ul><li>Tiger Woods is a very good professional golfer. He has a good swing. He was born in California. Tiger Woods has won many golf championships since 1991. He turned professional in 1996. He is now 30 years old. He is nice and skillful. He is talented. Tiger Woods usually wears Nike clothes. </li></ul>By Rob Sources: “ Woods, Tiger.” World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book, 2000. vol. 12. “ Tiger Woods Profile.” Tiger Woods Official Site. ETW Corporation. 2005. < http:// www.tigerwoods.com/home/default.sps .>
  19. 19. Written and produced by: Robinson Adkins Ben Brown Buck Browne William Crowdus Carder Devine Matthew Dittersdorf Olivia Edgerton Morgan Egloff Clara Geffroy Nick Jundanian Claudia Libow Kelly Mann Gracie Meisel Olivia Pivirotto Ginna Wallace Simon Westley Caden Wyncoll Title page and credits by Mrs. Stifel Special thanks to Mrs. Dittersdorf and Ms. Rollinson (Matthew’s and William’s moms) for their help! The End Concord Hill School 2005