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NoveList ALA Midwinter 2013

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Presentation from the NoveList breakfast at ALA Midwinter

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NoveList ALA Midwinter 2013

  2. 2. AGENDA• Readers are the key to success• Challenges facing libraries• Tools for growing your audience and increasing usage • High-quality reading recommendations (NoveList Plus) • Rich information in your catalog (NoveList Select) • Effective communication with your community (LibraryAware/NextReads)
  3. 3. Readers matter more than anything
  4. 4. Book delivery vs. Book discovery
  5. 5. Where does the library fit in?
  6. 6. Three Key Questions 1. Who is your library reader? What do they want? 2. How do you respond to the shift from physical to virtual usage? 3. What can you do to attract and hold the attention of your patrons?
  7. 7. A Plan for Engaging Your ReadersEnable book Put more Connect with discovery reader readers using features in multiple the catalog channels
  8. 8. NoveList Has Solutions Book Catalog Outreach andDiscovery Enrichment MarketingNoveList Plus NoveList Select LibraryAware/ NextReadsNoveList K-8 Content Café Plus Options
  9. 9. NOVELIST PLUSEnable book discovery with high-quality reading recommendations
  10. 10. READERS DON’T ASK FOR HELP 2% Readers’ Advisory 98% reference
  11. 11. REACHING READERS:TRADITIONAL METHODS 1. Separation of fiction collection by genre 2. Book displays 3. Book lists 4. Face-to-face readers’ advisory
  14. 14. BOOK LISTS
  15. 15. FACE-TO-FACE
  16. 16. IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS• Between books• Between readers and books• Between readers• Between readers, books and the library
  17. 17. Super Supporters Probable Supporters Barriers to Support Chronic Non-votersOCLC, From Funding to Awareness
  18. 18. WOM(a.k.a. just tell them about it!)
  19. 19. NoveList Dashboard 1 2 43
  20. 20. If You Like …You MightThis Book… Like These Too
  23. 23. complex Storyline action Overall structure of the story
  24. 24. fast Pace steady The rate at which a story unfolds
  25. 25. upbeat Tone dark The feeling that a book evokes in the reader
  26. 26. detailed Writing Style plot-driven Quality of the language and the level of detail in the background
  27. 27. Looking forsuspenseful, issue-oriented stories about antique dealer-detectives?
  28. 28. ALSO IN NOVELIST Extra resources to inspire youBook group Teaching Staff Reading Book display ideas and continuing inspiration ideas curricular education materials
  29. 29. NOVELIST SELECT Put rich information andreader features in your catalog
  30. 30. READERS ARE NOT AWARE OF OTHER LIBRARY SERVICES 84% VS. 39%Coffee/snack shop Online databases
  31. 31. SHIFT TO VIRTUAL VISITS Pop served 910,000 Book circulation (print) 5,523,719 Book circulation ebook 636,866 Door Count 5,836,636 In-house reference 5,297,122 Program attendance 477,135 Website views 70,116,144 Number of holds 1,481,252 Number of remote holds 1,218,636
  32. 32. A TYPICAL CATALOG EXPERIENCE All copies are checked out
  33. 33. Book DiscoveryWHAT READERS REALLY WANTFROM THE CATALOG Series Information Similar Titles
  34. 34. Book jacket Catalog enrichment is a solution Information delivered where it is most visible and effective — inside Summary your catalog! Reviews Recommendations
  35. 35. TOP 5 REASONSWHY ENRICHMENT MAKES A DIFFERENCE 1 Delivers what library users really want 2 Reaches library users whenever and wherever they are 3 Strengthens connections to readers (and supporters) 4 Keeps people plugged into your library 5 Saves staff time and improves customer service
  36. 36. 1Delivers what library users really wantSimilar Titles Series Information
  37. 37. 2Reaches library users whenever and wherever they are
  38. 38. 3Strengthens connections to readers (and supporters)
  39. 39. 4Keeps people plugged into your library
  40. 40. 5Saves staff time and improves customer service“ “ NoveList Select has become one of our primary tools in answering our most common questions… -- Chip Lannert, Readers Advisor
  41. 41. Imagine Your Catalog,ExpandedEnrichedTransformed
  42. 42. Book Jackets
  43. 43. SummariesAnd author bios
  44. 44. Expert Reviews Goodreadsin yourReader reviews, too catalog
  45. 45. Entire series info,in reading order
  46. 46. Expert NoveList Recommendations For the series… Series Recommendations are NEW in 2012 The title… And the author
  47. 47. Expert reasoningWhy and WhoRecommended
  48. 48. Links toyour newsletters Lists of your events
  49. 49. Reading level Lists, guides and more
  50. 50. NEW in 2013! Promote yourSearch These Related eResources to Learn More e-resources
  51. 51. CHOOSE YOUR OPTIONS Comprehensive NoveList Select + Optional Upgrades = Catalog Enrichment Series information  Book jackets Reading recommendations  Book summary (Author, Title, Series) Reader reviews  Table of Contents Links to NextReads  Book Excerpts newsletters  Author Bios NoveList Extras  Professional reviews Reading Levels (Lexile) NEW! E-resource Recommendations
  52. 52. LIBRARYAWARE/NEXTREADSEffective communication and marketing
  53. 53. Changes in Library Usage
  54. 54. Relationships
  55. 55. NextReads
  56. 56. ReadingSuggestions
  57. 57. Subscriber ListsBased on Lifestyle
  58. 58. Promote on Website
  59. 59. Social Media
  60. 60. Hi .
  61. 61. IDEAS FOR CONNECTINGWITH YOUR READERS• Share reading suggestions• Deliver genre overviews• Promote e-books• Promote book clubs• Promote author events• Share read-alikes
  62. 62. 52% of young readers said theywere unaware they could borrow an ebook from the library
  63. 63. E-readersand e-books
  64. 64. NextReads Newsletters(coming soon!)
  65. 65. “ I dont think I ever saw it advertised anywhere. Maybe they could send out a mailer to let ” people know?
  66. 66. We can help your community be
  67. 67. A Plan for Engaging Your ReadersEnable book Put more Connect with discovery reader readers using features in multiple the catalog channels
  68. 68. www.ebscohost.com/novelist
  69. 69. Are Books Your Brand?How Libraries Can Stay Relevant to Readers Free webinar Feb 14, 2-3pm ET www.ebscohost.com/novelist