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Techno funda small cap company for long term.

Techno Funda Small Cap Company - Aarti Drugs.

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Techno funda small cap company for long term.

  1. 1. www.analyseindia.com www.nooreshtech.co.in Aarti Drugs – A Techno Funda Bet for Long Term  For the last 1 year stock has made multiple attempts around the 230 mark.  Even in a sharp dip to 130 on some company specific bad news , the stock recovered back to new highs.  Finally the stock is now setting up for a long term breakout on a 10-15 year time frame. This could actually imply a much bigger move than the initial targets of the cup and handle pattern.  The cup and handle pattern breakout above 240-250 gives us a target price of 350/450 in the long term but this one can surprise on the upside.  Accumulate at 220-245.  Next we see the daily chart for the stock.
  2. 2. www.analyseindia.com www.nooreshtech.co.in Aarti Drugs Daily Chart  Consistently making higher bottoms and now a major support is placed at 200-205 which will be our closing stoploss.  In striking distance of last 3 tops around 230-240.  Sustaining above 240-245 will open up a long term breakout.  Accumulate at 220-240 with a stoploss of 205 and a target of 350/450 in long term.
  3. 3. www.analyseindia.com www.nooreshtech.co.in Fundamental Reasons  Over the last 3-4 years the promoters have increased 8-10% stake and now hold around 59.5% in the company. Another 11% holding the public domain is also through promoter related entities. So promoters hold a large shareholding at 71%.  A good dividend payout ratio of 25-27% and dividend yield of 4.2-4.5%  Quoting at 5 time p-e multiple against an average industry p-e of 15-25.  Last year the stock saw a huge fall from 235 to 130 due to a fire accident in their main plant. Although supplies were not affected in a big way and company is back to functioning normally.  The profit has been growing at 25-28% with ROE and ROCE at 15-20% implies the growth is not a major concern.  At the current market cap of 280-290 crores the company has a TTM profit of around 53 cr.  The company has been around for last 20 years and the last 2 years has seen a tremendous growth and possibly this could be the start of a different era for the company.  There can be a significant re-rating in case there is a lot of coverage on the stock and institutional interest. Long track record of dividends, profit growth keeps the downside limited.  If things continue to do well the company can surprise in a big way in coming couple of years.  Investors can accumulate the stock with a long term view. Also the technical price confirmation adds more conviction. Conclusion: A technical breakout in a decent fundamental is a good combination for a long term returns. We recommend a buy at 220-245 with a target price of 350-450 in next 6-18 months. Investors can continue to book partial profits on rise to reduce risk and also keep a stoploss of 205 on a closing basis.
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