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Interact London 2015: Vanessa Kirby - The Fables of UX

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Video of the talk: https://youtu.be/xWpJMEsqHMM

UX must be one of the most confusing professions – the roles and job descriptions seem to follow the buzzword of the moment. We’re a discipline that bangs the drum for consistency, yet we can’t keep to the same acronyms and titles (CHI or HCI? UX or CX or HX...?). Amongst this has emerged the demand of the UX unicorn. That uber-human who can strategise, investigate, research, market, structure, architect, write copy, conceptualise, design, code...

This talk is a light-hearted introduction to UX teams and the existence of these - and other - mythical animals. Who they are, what they do, and some of my thoughts and experience with specialists vs. generalists, identifying them, who you need for your business at a point in time and hiring them.

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Interact London 2015: Vanessa Kirby - The Fables of UX

  1. 1. legend or fable? Unicorns
  2. 2. Head of UX, Argos
  3. 3. • the Design Economy • who are the designers? • Unicorns – the stuff of legends or fables? • the value of design
  4. 4. The Design Economy £71.7bn to the UK economy Adding jobs at 3 times the national average
  5. 5. (Courtesy of David Gray) there are conundrums...
  6. 6. who are they? designers
  7. 7. USER EXPERIENCE TEAM* previously /also known as HF, UCD, CCD, HCD…. INFORMATION ARCHITECT RESEARCH / INSIGHT FRONTEND DEV COPY WRITER VISUAL DESIGNER *completely and utterly my preference, you use whatever you like & clearly not exhaustive but purely for discussion purposes….
  8. 8. INFORMATION ARCHITECT RESEARCH / INSIGHT FRONTEND DEV COPY WRITER VISUAL DESIGNER USER EXPERIENCE TEAM* human factors engineer usability tester tech designer author graphic designer ALSO KNOWN AS user centred designer interaction designer UI dev designer digital designer editoruser centred researcher interaction designer UX designer UX designer frontend coder ethnographer librarians content writer interaction coder tech dev XD (experience designer) XD (experience designer) they’re just labels…
  9. 9. confusion reigns the right skills
  10. 10. The Seller1.
  11. 11. Step 1: Learn Everything You Can About a New Skill Step 2: Practice, Practice Practice Step 3: Deconstruct What Others Have Done Step 4: Solicit Feedback (And Listen To It) Step 5: Teach the Skill To Someone Else Becoming a UX Unicorn in 5 Easy Steps Where do you begin to develop these skills? Well, one resource is UIE’s All You Can Learn, a library of all things UX. Just create your account, and over 160 seminars will be at your fingertips. $23 a month……….
  12. 12. The Evangelist2.
  13. 13. Fred Beecher, UX apprenticeship
  14. 14. Learn psychology
  15. 15. The Theorist3.
  16. 16. Soft skills…. Hunting Unicorns - What makes an effective UX Professional Patrick Neeman, usabiitycounts.com
  17. 17. The Automator4.
  18. 18. “Design isn't hard to learn. That's because most of us are already building products and are familiar with what design means. What used to be complex and confusing is now simple and effective, thanks to Sketch, an app that is entirely focused on user interface design.”
  19. 19. where have they come from? evolution
  20. 20. 1960 1970 Xerox PARC oNLine System (NLS) Mouse driven cursor Windows Hypertext Eye hand coordination 1973 Xerox Alto then Star First PC WIMP Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing device 1600’s Infographics to demonstrate the sun’s rotation patterns. Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design Document centric 1943 Ikea founded “Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.” – William Pollard 1800’s 1940
  21. 21. 1980 AT&T release Unix to outside parties 1980 Software Psychology & Human Factors in Computing & IS DOS 1983 GOMS Model Visual Display of Quant Information 1983 The Lisa 1984 The Macintosh 1986 Designing the User Interface – Object Action Interface model 1985 Windows released 1980 TBL built ENQUIRE Mobile (portable) phones Sony Walkman Program centric Shell scripting Macro procedures 1986 Challenger disaster TUFTE: Powerpoint persuades – it doesn’t inform 1984 Apple ad during superbowl. Computers are personal 1980 IDEO(?) work on Apple’s first mouse “Interaction design” phrase coined by Moggridge & Verplank 1979 GRiD Compass designed – first laptop
  22. 22. 1990 1985 Free Software Foundation (FSF) 1986 BBC GUI Netscape is free 1998 ‘Open source’ coined Google founded 1991 ‘LINUX released 1988 The Way Things Work The Design of everyday things ISO 9241 1994 W3C Founded 1995 Alertbox starts 1999 Designing Web Usability 1994 MS Award for inventing Visual basic 1988 Apple sues MS 1989 World Wide Web proposed 1990 WWW 1993 Mosaic 1995 Amazon Founded 1996 Cascading style sheets UGC begins with Amazon book reviews User profiling = ‘personas’1998 The inmates are running the asylum
  23. 23. 2000 2010 2006 Tufte invents sparklines 2000 Don’t make me think ISO 9240 revised to ISO 13407, Human-centred design for interactive systems 2001 Dotcom bust Smartphones 2001 iPod released 2003 iTunes launched 2007 iPhone 2005 Youtube founded 2004 Facebook founded 2008 AirBNB launched 2000 Ballot paper in Florida with hanging Chad alignment 2009 Visual arts graduate student Deborah Adler redesigns Target’s RX Drug bottle 2005 JJG coins AJAX to help non- techs 2000 Google adwords
  25. 25. Is it any wonder Left brain vs right brain Qwerty keyboard…. 25
  26. 26. 26 “While we do spend literally billions of pounds on advertising our products, our best place to catch the attention of our … shopper or consumer is right at the initial stage, which is the bottle design and the label design.” General Manager, Innovation, Diageo.
  27. 27. for differentiation designing for experiences
  28. 28. context, mobility, social, channels… the ‘norms’ constantly shift
  29. 29. influencing behaviours digital tools are
  30. 30. IT, Telco, consumer electronics & entertainment digital convergence -
  31. 31. distributed assets, tribes, simplicity, crowdsourcing, omni… collaborative consumption
  32. 32. anything and everything is connected & saleable… Internet of Things
  33. 33. design led thinking, the design economy, lean ux… influencing traditions
  34. 34. Do we need unicorns?Q.
  35. 35. You get what you ask for… Draw a vase….
  36. 36. 36 “But solving problems isn’t enough. Understanding what’s possible in HTML, CSS, JS will help designers create practical web designs—products that developers can actually build, and that clients can maintain. Products that work well in the wild. Products that users use.” – Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Tangibles
  37. 37. Site map [sahyt map] noun Epic [ep-ik] adjective User Journey [yoo-zer jur-nee] adjective Lofi proto, Hifi proto [lo fi-del-i-tee, fahy proh-tuh-tahyp] noun Information Architect [in-fer-mey-shuh’n ahr-ki-tek-cher ] noun Architecture diag ERD Fancy flow chart Um. Prototype. Chap who wireframes (NOT who builds the database schema) speak the <ahem> user’s language unite the left and right brainers
  38. 38. “A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said ‘I love your pictures – they’re wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.’ He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: ‘That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove.” – Sam Haskins
  39. 39. experience is currency the value of design
  40. 40. Guerrilla Silverback Remote testing Flight simulators British rail Multi- touch testing Commercial Labs - PCs Menus & colours Task flows/goals Mouse Windows HTML single page loading Sell/cross sell Typography Colours Banners Advertising CSS Parallax scrolling Data visualisation Hypertext HTML Accessibility CSS Parallax scrolling Multi interaction page AJAX iOS, Android . . . SOFTWAREGUI WWW 1.0 WWW 2.0 Research IA VD Code Jedi masters; jugglers; teams we’ve been busy
  41. 41. Experience (Internet of [every]thing) Wearables, watches Desktop Mobile Tablet Thermostats POS Kiosks And, and, and. . . A.R. Attention to detail Every consequence Wall layout Exceptional blue tacking skills Science Memory Attention span Instant gratification Logic Why people buy Why people click Context Previous Scenarios Consequences Unhappy paths Join the dots Internet CMS Gateways Batteries Cameras/tracking RFID NFC Feedback loops areas to grow; knowledge to inhale; dots to join become a living legend, not a fable
  42. 42. new generations, new psychology & a bit of fortune telling…
  43. 43. “Design is everything, because without it we have no business. … There is intense competition, and anybody can design a decent product. They can’t all design outstanding products. So, design is the differentiator.” CEO, Pentland Brands plc
  44. 44. Thanks for listening! I’m sorry if I swore too much during this presentation – I try not to but then get sidetracked in the moment. Caveat: all of this is very commercially focused - there’s a huge part of UX that goes unrecognised which is for the greater good of humankind. Audio for the blind; visuals for the deaf; tools for those with physical challenges. Secretly all UXers want to be part of that world. We want to contribute.