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Introducing GitLab (September 2018)

  1. 1 Introducing Tamir Gefen, ALMtoolbox
  2. Tools We Support
  3. -- Software Development Nowadays -- Introducing GitLab -- Recent Landmarks -- Q & A Agenda
  4. Last Surveys Indicate… ▪ 98% of developers use open source tools at work ▪ 75% say at least half of their tools are open source ▪ 92% of developers prefer Git repositories for everyday work ▪ 91% of developers prefer to use the same dev tools for work and personal projects * According to surveys conducted by StackOverflow (3/17)
  5. Software Development Nowadays ✓ Version control / repository management ( git! ) ✓ Issue Tracker and Issue Board ✓ Code Review ✓ Continuous Integration ✓ Continuous Deployment ✓ Integration with IDEs (e.g. Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Atom) ✓ API ✓ ChatOp tool ✓ Sharing knowledge
  6. Software Development Trends ✓ Using open-source ✓ “Classic 4” for developers ✓ Code security ✓ Containers ✓ Cloud computing ✓ Microservices architecture ✓ Serverless
  7. CI/CD ❖ More than 50% developers use continuous integration more than 75% of the time ❖ 77% of developers say continuous integration (CI) is very important to their everyday work * According to surveys conducted by stackOverflow and GitLab
  8. Thank You!Version Control Issue Tracking Code Review CI
  9. Containers
  10. Introducing GitLab From Idea to Production
  11. GitLab Flow (cont.)
  12. GitLab Provides… ✓ Version control and repository management based on Git ✓ Issue management, issue board, milestones and charts ✓ Code Review functionality (with Review Apps) ✓ Continuous Integration tool (GitLab CI) and pipelines ✓ Continuous Deployment – Auto Deploy tool and Deploy Board ✓ Built-in ChatOp and bot commands (Mattermost) ✓ Inner-sourcing ✓ Static Application Security Testing (SAST) ✓ Service Desk (ticketing system) ✓ Container Registry and Container Scanning New New
  13. GitLab Provides… (cont.) ✓ Advanced in-code search (based on Elastic Search) ✓ Wiki (with version control) ✓ Browser Performance Testing ✓ Integration with IDEs (e.g. Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ) ✓ Integration with JIRA, Jenkins, Slack, Docker, Kubernetes, Artifactory, TestRail and more ✓ Rich API ✓ Repository mirroring and high availability (HA) ✓ Development analytics ✓ Application monitoring
  14. GitLab Provides… (cont.) ✓ On-premise or cloud-based installations ✓ Auto DevOps ✓ Web IDE ✓ Code security and Security Dashboard ✓ High-level Project Management New New New
  15. “Open Core” Ultimate Premium Starter Core
  16. What Makes GitLab Different? ✓ One platform including all components you need ✓ Private repositories at no charge ✓ Open source – you can contribute your code ✓ Open Core ✓ Thousands of contributors ( > 2000) ✓ New major release at the 22nd of every month ✓ All employees ( > 330) are working from home ✓ Transparency ✓ One Israeli employee ☺
  17. Source: GitLab is used by more than 100,000 organizations
  18. Landmarks
  19. 2/3 of self-hosted market belongs to GitLab Source: 2017/01/27etats/-fo-ppa-tnempoleved-ni-2016fles#lmth.-detsoh
  20. Source: BuddyBuild found that 79% of mobile developers who host code choose GitLab
  21. BuddyBuild found that 79% of mobile developers who host code choose GitLab Source:
  22. Heroku finds that GitLab CI it is clearly the biggest mover in activity on StackOverflow among popular cloud CI solutions Source:
  23. Big Projects are Migrating into GitLab GNOME’s analysis: GNOME’s story:
  24. Imported Repositories to GitLab Video:
  25. Winners of Google Cloud Partner Award for “Innovative Developer Solution”
  26. GitLab is a "Strong Performer" in The Forrester New Wave: Value Stream Management Tools, Q3 2018. “GitLab combines end- to-end capability with the power of open source. GitLab offers a DevOps tool for each step of the software development process.
  27. Questions? Questions?
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  29. Thank You! GitLab Israel GitLab Israel