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Meaning2013 round-up

  1. This is Meaning 2013 This is the story of Meaning 2013, where 250 like-minded people gathered in Brighton on 8th November to meet, learn, share and take inspiration. @meaningconf
  2. We are NixonMcInnes and we believe in the need to re-design business for the 21st century. We work with big brands and large not-for-profits to help them reconnect to their purpose and thrive in a digitally disrupted world. We created Meaning Conference to gather together, connect and inspire the community of people who also believe in better business. Will McInnes introduces the day
  3. Business is about building freedom, not destroying opportunities. Tom Nixon sets the tone
  4. Want to build a world beating movement? Make your goals tangible, credible, inclusive – and epic.! “An entrepreneur’s role is to make money within constraints, not dismantle civil liberties” Build your organisation based on speed, trust and scalability. The Pirate Party became Sweden’s largest party for under 30’s in less than a year and with only 1% of other parties’ budgets. Rick Falkvinge! founder of the Swedish Pirate Party
  5. What question is your life calling for right now? What story are you living into? Eldership has nothing to do with age, what is it that you are carrying on behalf of the whole? Are you prepared to really listen to me and learn about me, in order to let me live rather than exist? Tell the world how to use you well. Consider - what is mine to do? Mary Alice Arthur! intentional nomad & storyteller
  6. The purpose of a business is to serve all constituents of the business: customers, shareholders, employees. The stronger the culture the less rules you need. Shared values breed good decision-making. It is collective intelligence which solves big problems. Anne Marie Huby! Co-founder of JustGiving
  7. 120 interdependent cooperatives, with 80,000 workers in which capital is in service of labour. 4 key values: cooperation, participation, social responsibility & innovation. Mikel Lezamiz! Director of Cooperative Dissemination MONDRAGON Cooperative Group Spain’s 7th largest company, max. pay ratio of 6:1 and 0% staff turnover.
  8. Our lack of understanding of new technologies leads to a loss of agency. Artists are providing us with knowledge and understanding in the post-prism landscape. Digital artists are the lightning in the age of cloud computing. Honor Harger! Curator & artist
  9. Curry for lunch! and a chance to discuss the morning
  10. Our beer is a punk rebellion against bland, faceless corporate beers brewed by men in suits. ‘Equity for punks’ business model – fan investors fund, feedback and fuel the organisation. Honesty, openness and transparency can beat massive marketing budgets James Watt! Co-founder of BrewDog
  11. In the future world identity is the new money, the critical resource. Money is a hack, a replacement for trust in trading. Trust is not scalable so money became the intermediary. Mobile Phones change everything. Technology & communication means there will be no single currency and anyone can start their own. Dave Birch! thought leader: digital identity & money
  12. We need to empower folks to use tech: driving innovation for individuals, then businesses then the UK economy. Mums are the lynchpins in terms of influence in the home. If we educate mums we educate the whole family. Savvify teaches tech benefits to mums for free, starting with email & ending with python on raspberry pi. Dr Sue Black! Founder, Savvify & #techmums
  13. Income will not rise high enough during our life time for the average global citizen to have a shot at happiness. Our current institutions are unable to lift us to the threshold for happiness. The world is not creating and distributing wellbeing broadly enough across the globe. We are in a dangerous decade - a Dark Age - a time when the inner light switches off and human lives are ruined. Our challenge is to be rebels against the system to help turn the light on in people and avoid the Dark Age.! Umair Haque! Rogue economist
  14. Is business only about capital accumulation? Very old, successful firms rarely had one-dimensional aims. Finance was once a service to business, but now owns it. The dream of every tech company is to IPO. But IPO doesn't add value to anyone but founders. Creating wealth is not the same as extracting money. Lee Bryant! thought leader: social technology We need more innovation in org design, a focus on leadership over management to design the old businesses of the future.
  15. The centre is tired. ! Explorers who go to the edge find the interesting stuff. Don’t be afraid – the world is not flat.
  16. And then we relaxed!! Will McInnes and Paul Hutchings
  17. If Meaning left you with great ideas that you're wondering how to implement then NixonMcInnes can help: •  Inspire and engage your colleagues with bespoke mini-Meaning events •  (Re)discover your purpose with our Very Clear Ideas vision workshops •  Co-design your structure, strategy, culture to build your 'old firm of the future’ @nixonmcinnes