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  2. Topics To Be Discuss What is Robot & Robotics Robotic History Robotic Technology Types of Robots
  3. • A re-programmable, multifunctional, automatic industrial machine designed to replace human in hazardous work. It can be used as •A machine removing mines in a war field •In space •In military , and many more..
  4. Robotics is science of designing or building an application of robots. Simply ,Robotics may be defines as “The Study of Robots”. The aim of robotics is to design an efficient robot. Robotics is needed because:- • Speed • Can work in hazardous/dangerous temperature • Can do repetitive tasks • Can do work with accuracy
  5. ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGY Most industrial robots have at least the following sixparts: Processors Sensors Controllers Actuators Effectors Arms
  6.  Mobile Robots.  Stationary Robots  Remote Controlled Robots  Autonomous Robot  Virtual Robots  Ai Robots.
  8. The world robot was introduced to the public by Czech writer Karel ( 1890 - 1983 ) in his play R. U. R published in 1920 . The play begins in a factory that makes artificial people called robots. The world used to describe this f i e ld of study. American scientist & science f i ct ion writer made the robot f rom studying robotics.
  9. .  A robot may not injure humanity.  A robot must obey orders given it by human beings.  A robot must protect its own existence.
  10. The first industrial robot the UNIMATE was installed by General Motors in(1961) This robot featured a motorized arm with over – two – ton weight. It carried by step by step commands that were stored on the magnetic drum.