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Interoperability - LTI and Experience API (Formerly TinCan)

A webinar looking at the differences between SCORM, LTI and the Experience API (TinCan) within a Learning Management System environment. Presented by James Ballard, Senior Analyst at Nine Lanterns. Listen to the presentation: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/3218434722750502146

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Interoperability - LTI and Experience API (Formerly TinCan)

  1. 1. 2014 Webinar Series INTEROPERABILITY STANDARDS James Ballard Victoria Simpson
  2. 2. 0-5 mins • Welcome and Orientation 5-10 mins • Session Introduction 10-40 mins • Presentation • Screen share 40-55 mins • Questions • Discussion 55-60 mins • Conclusion Session Outline What you can expect
  3. 3. 15th Jul - Responsive Design 29th Jul - Open Badges 12th Aug - ScaffoldLMS Administration 9th Sep – LTI / TinCan (xAPI) 7th Oct – e-Portfolios 11th Nov - Assessment Introduction ScaffoldLMS Webinar Series 2014
  4. 4. Activity 1 INTRODUCTION POLL
  5. 5. Objectives What we hope you will get out of the session 1. Introduce interoperability standards What are interoperability standards? Why have they changed? 2. Using LTI and xAPI Why are these useful to learning? Ideas for good practice 3. Integrating in ScaffoldLMS Using LTI activities in ScaffoldLMS Understanding the new log store through xAPI
  7. 7. SCORM Packaged content modules
  8. 8. When to use SCORM SCORM Content with a relatively long shelf life that requires delivery and tracking via an LMS especially where the same content is delivered to different clients or different parts of an organisation. Examples • Scenario-based simulations • Compliance training • Product training • Introducing new content Benefits • Improved learning experience • Greater efficiencies and cost savings • Reduced risk “The e-Learning Standard” Content Package
  9. 9. Challenges Changing social and technological milieu 1. Rigid Data Model SCORM’s rigid data model restricts access to data from outside of the LMS and does not permit multiple ways for the LMS and courseware to exchange data.
  10. 10. Challenges Changing social and technological milieu 2. Single Learner Model SCORM is defined on a single learner model, with data that only describes an individual. This generally excludes scope for social, informal and self-directed learning as well offering poor support for technologies such as virtual worlds and social media.
  11. 11. Challenges Changing social and technological milieu 3. Complex training software Many simulations, games, and complex data processors are not web-based or dynamically change between sessions, especially full-scale simulators. SCORM’s static data model is not defined to extend to this type of data. Rescue Medical Services
  12. 12. Challenges Changing social and technological milieu 4. Non-content Package SCORMs data model makes it difficult to support ‘non-content package’ methods of training that are especially presented by emerging technologies within mobile apps and augmented reality. Biology Natural History Interactive Learning
  13. 13. Activity 2 AUDIENCE QUESTION • Are there any other types of learning you are trying to integrate?
  14. 14. Section 2 LTI OR XAPI
  15. 15. IMS LTI Solution Standard, extendable way of integrating rich learning applications Applications and content are web-based, externally hosted Grade and outcome data can be returned to the LMS Two new standards ADL xAPI (formerly TinCan) Experience tracking integration utilising activity streams Can support online or offline activity - session-less communication Content can exist in any system (i.e. outside of the LMS)
  16. 16. IMS LTI Learning Tools Interoperability
  17. 17. LTI Apps Increasing list of educational apps supporting LTI https://www.edu-apps.org/index.html
  18. 18. • Existing tool • Bespoke commission Develop • Configure integration Deploy • Teacher can add to LMS course as activity Utilise LTI Workflow Basic implementation plan Features • Tool can be written in any coding language as long as it is web-based; • LMS upgrades have no impact on the external tool reducing risk; • External content can contain social interactions, simulations, and games • Teachers can deploy different tools relevant to their programme • Detailed reporting or analytics are provided within the external tool and not constrained by LMS or static data model
  19. 19. ADL xAPI Experience API (formerly known as TinCan) Recording Experience Statement freedom: lets you record almost any activity History freedom: share data and transcripts across systems Device freedom: any enabled device without need for constant network connection Workflow freedom: your content isn’t tied to an LMS.
  20. 20. xAPI Apps Increasing list of educational apps supporting xAPI http://tincanapi.com/adopters/
  21. 21. • Existing tool • Bespoke commission Develop • Integrate Learning Record Store (LRS) Deploy • Analyse LRS activity data Utilise xAPI Workflow Basic implementation plan Features • Requires a Learning Record Store (LRS) – a database of experience; • LMS may be used as a LRS or they can be independent; • External content can contain social interactions, simulations, and games • Teachers can analyse different learning experiences • Detailed reporting or analytics are provided within the LRS
  22. 22. LTI Limitations Managing expectations for what the standards offer xAPI No support for non web-based activities External tool must be launched via LMS Learning data may be distributed across several platforms Integration with non-browser applications may become complex Distinguishing claimed from actual experiences Capturing information from systems that do not support the API The scale/context of experience is lacking in the statement based approach Privacy issue tracking users in their personal time/space.
  23. 23. Section 3 SCAFFOLDLMS DEMO • Configuring LTI (external tool) • Creating an LTI activity • Using the new logstore as an LRS
  24. 24. Activity 2 Q&A DISCUSSION
  25. 25. Activity 3 CLOSING POLL
  26. 26. ScaffoldLMS Webinar Series 2014 THANK YOU More information: http://www.ninelanterns.com.au/ @scaffoldlms https://www.linkedin.com/company/scaffoldlms