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Tone of voice guidelines
Tone of voice guidelines
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Stand out with a consistent tone of voice



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Crash course: What is tone of voice, why is it important and how can you get started

Stand out with a consistent tone of voice

  1. 1. © Creuna Hello! Shalom Yo! Howdy! Whats up? Hi! Greetings! How do you do? Good morning! Good day Sir Hey man Yeellow Peekaboo
  2. 2. © Creuna Hi! Stand out with a consistent Tone of Voice
  3. 3. Tone of voice in 10 minutes 1 What is tone of voice? 2 Why is it so important? 3 TED BAKER 4 BREWDOG 5 Get started
  4. 4. What is Tone of voice? The character of your brand as expressed through the written word It’s about what yo u say and how you say it Values Personality
  5. 5. Why is it so important? 1. Give you character and identity 2. Make you familiar and unique strong LINK 3. Build trust and credibility
  6. 6. Personalities build relationships
  7. 7. Ted Baker Fashion and accessories Tone of Voice: - Traditional with a twist
  8. 8. Brewery Brewdog Tone of Voice: - PASSIONATE SWEARING
  9. 9. Get started 1. Pin down your values 2. Define your personality 3. Decide on your vocabulary 4. Make a styleguide
  10. 10. Catch you later © Creuna Laters! Toodeloo Farwell! See ya’! Adieu Goodbye!