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From OpenStack to Docker swarm

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This is a workshop done on codemonsters.pro technological conference.
It illustrates how you can create and deal with vm and container virtual infrastructures and combine them in a useful way.

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From OpenStack to Docker swarm

  1. 1. From OpenStack to Docker swarm Nikolay Milovanov New Bulgarian University nmilovanov@nbu.bg
  2. 2. OpenStack facts and figures • Cloud IAAS automation stack • Began 2010 as a project between NASA & RackSpace • First Component is the hypervisor Nebula which now is called Nova • Distributed under Apache license • Developed by a community of around 1800 active committers (increased from 400 to 1500 for less than an year…)
  3. 3. OpenStack facts and figures • Managed by OpenStack Foundation • Evolves based on a coordinated 6-month release cycle with frequent development milestones • Currently has 14 releases – 15th Ocata is scheduled for Feb 2017 (Apr 2017)
  4. 4. OpenStack releases and component evolution Austin 21-Oct-10 Nova, Swift Bexar 3-Feb-11 Nova, Glance, Swift Cactus 15-Apr-11 Nova, Glance, Swift Diablo 22-Sep-11 Nova, Glance, Swift Essex 5-Apr-12 Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon, Keystone Folsom 27-Sep-12 Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon, Keystone, Quantum, Cinder Grizzly 4-Apr-13 Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon, Keystone, Quantum, Cinder Havana 17-Oct-13 Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon, Keystone, Neutron, Cinder, Heat, Ceilometer Icehouse 17-Apr-14 Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon, Keystone, Neutron, Cinder, Heat, Ceilometer, Trove Juno 16-Oct-14 Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon, Keystone, Neutron, Cinder, Heat, Ceilometer, Trove, Sahara Kilo Apr-15 Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon, Keystone, Neutron, Cinder, Heat, Ceilometer, Trove, Sahara, Ironic, Zaqar, Manila, Designate, Barbican Liberty Oct-15 Mitaka Apr-16 Newton Oct-15 MAGNUM, designate Focus has shifted towards improving the existing once
  5. 5. OpenStack high level arch diagram
  6. 6. Docker • Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of Linux applications inside software containers • Docker is a wrapper on top of liblxc/libcontainer which are wrappers of a couple of key kernel features – namespaces, originally developed by IBM, wrap a set of system resources and present them to a process to make it look like they are dedicated to that process. – cgroups, originally developed by Google, govern the isolation and usage of system resources, such as CPU and memory, for a group of processes
  7. 7. Docker Swarm • Native clustering for Docker • Turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual Docker host • Allows us to do clusters of docker containers
  8. 8. NBU • First and largest private university in Bulgaria • First to introduce credit system • Has started from two apartments • Now has about 14000 students • Mostly humanitarian university • Clear separation between administration and academic • Technology programs are in – Telecommunications – Informatics • OpenStack lab is hosted by Telecommunications department in Building 2, lab 701a
  9. 9. TIME FOR FUN
  10. 10. Scenario • In an OpenStack tenant we will : – create virtual network, subnet and a router – play a bit with the native OpenStack security functionalities such as keys and access-groups – deploy a VM from an cloud image
  11. 11. That’s what we have to achieve
  12. 12. Second part • inject user-data and do fun with the VM • deploy automatically docker& docker swarm into an OpenStack VM • If we do all that, we are a real heroes and will play with some containers on top of the swarm cluster
  13. 13. To do the exercise you will need OpenStack clients • Those will hit straight OpenStack REST APIs • You need to install: – pip install python-novaclient – pip install python-neutronclient – pip install python-glanceclient • Credentials – User: …. – Tenant: …. – Password: …. – GUI (you won’t need it but anyway) – http://java2days.telecom.nbu.bg/dashboard • Slides and workshop scripts – https://goo.gl/sA2xmt
  14. 14. From OpenStack to Docker swarm nmilovanov@nbu.bg