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This is england case study more

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This is england case study more

  1. 1. THIS ISENGLAND.SHANE MEADOWS (2006)CASE STUDY Genre- Social realism - Gang members - Decaying typography - Union Jack colours - Council flats - Gritty pavements.
  2. 2. FINANCEDThis is England was funded by film4 and co-funded by UKfilm council lottery fund ,due to it being a British production,This fund totaled to £668,000. New line cinema also fundedthe film £90,000. Source :http://industry.bfi.org.uk/13614
  3. 3. PRODUCED This is England was distributed by optimum releasing and was produced by film4. Directed by: Shane Meadows Produced by: Mark Herbert Film studio: Film4A problem Shane Meadow’shad with This is Englandwas the target audience.Meadows intended for thefilm to be aimed atteenagers however, due tostrong language andviolence it was classified ascertificate 18
  4. 4. EXHIBITED This is England had limited distribution and was onapproximately 150 digital screen network screens in the uk init’s 4th week. I believe this is simply due to the film being British as British films are highly underrated across worldwide cinema. Also because of the low production cost of £1.2 million. Also, the film had no star marketing, meaning that all the actors weren’t highly recognisable.
  5. 5. This is England wasn’t highly successful in USA, this was dueBOX OFFICE to lack of exhibition as the film had a low budget and couldn’t afford to exhibit the film worldwide.Opening Weekend$18,430 (USA) (29 July 2007) (1 Screen)£207,676 (UK) (29 April 2007) (62 Screens)This is England has now grossed over millionwhich may seem low but as it isn’t a hit blockbusterand is just an independant Britsih film this issigniifcantly high, thus making it a success.
  6. 6. BOX OFFICEBudget1,500,000 (estimated)£Very low budget due to the film being an independent Britishsocial realism film which are known to be low budget as littleequipment is needed due to it emphasizing social realism.Box office total - £5,058,000The box office total makes this is England highly successful asregardless of the incredibly low budget it has had an amazingoutcome when it has come to profit.
  7. 7. AWARDSHow did this is England come to be so popular?Luckily for This Is England, most of it’s marketing was freedue to viral marketing. This is England also managed to win10 awards, including a BAFTA’S award.
  8. 8. REVIEWSRotten tomatoes:IMDB
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