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Personal Branding Canvas for Dave The Connect

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Recently I've created a website and did this project as part of a personal branding assigment.

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Personal Branding Canvas for Dave The Connect

  1. 1. Personal Brand Canvas By Nicholas Soter
  2. 2. A young Music Business Entrepreneur who has a passion for making connections in the Music Industry. Dave The Connect
  3. 3. Artist Management I want to work in Artist Management. Ideally managing Hip-Hop artists in FL or Atlanta.
  4. 4. People Skills & Managing Relationships Strong Work ethic Dedication to the Team Good Priorities Studied at Full Sail for Music Business Knowledge & Skills Communication & Presentation Skills
  5. 5. I Do It For The Family. I Don’t Do It For Money.
  6. 6. Credentials I started a podcast to promote underground Hip-Hop. I’ve developed key relationships with Sponsors such as Empire Rolling & Backwoods. I’ve organized & booked Hip Hop shows throughout Orlando. I’ve worked closely with Artists on their personal branding. Started Both IndieFest 2018 & Dave’s Block Party
  7. 7. I Promise to be authentic. Nowadays in the industry it’s hard to tell who to trust. I intend on being myself and being honest with those around me, in an effort to build up a network that can do amazing things within the industry. It can be tricky to stay true to oneself when you have 2 names, but I’m good at it.
  8. 8. Why Dave? I have the ability to connect and develop relationships with all sorts of people, of all different styles, backgrounds, and careers. I will be the connection between these groups of people. In a house of 1000 Bricks, I will be the mortar.
  9. 9. Audience My audience consists of Labels, Studios and Artists because that’s who I will be primarily working for and with. I can network with these people by going to Music Business Conferences and festivals such as the A3C Festival, Rolling Loud, SXSW etc.
  10. 10. Networking & Marketing By networking at Full Sail, and at events such as South by Southwest I can definitely make key connections with people in the industry who can help benefit my career.
  11. 11. Competition Music Business & Marketing Students & Alumni With Bachelors Degree. Years of experience while still in school. Lots of technical skills such as Video editing, graphic design and digital art. Runs his/her own business.
  12. 12. Professional Development I need to gain more information on Marketing and the Music Business in general while attending Full Sail University. I also need to work on technical skills such as Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. After Graduation I would like to build up my network, and perhaps gain a mentor who is an established Artist Manager like Pat The Manager.
  13. 13. Goals I want to appeal to Employers, Artists & Creatives alike.
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