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For many, the Christmas dinner...
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The perfect Christmas Dinner

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The perfect Christmas Dinner - the Turkey, vegetables, trimming and drinks that make the average Christmas table each year. Hunger-inducing.

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The perfect Christmas Dinner

  1. 1. 2115+ 3929+ 124+ 2115+ 16+ Most popular christmas meal 61% turkey gravy favourite sauces For many, the Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year, with a lot of effort and anticipation going into the occasion. It is a time for families and friends to sit down together and enjoy a delicious festive feast – so British Turkey decided to find out what the nation’s must-haves are on the plate. accompanying drinks Water Fruit juice CHRISTMAS PUDDING is clear favourite in the dessert department with over half plumping for the seasonal pud! christmas pudding other popular desserts included... Chocolate log 24% Trifle 23% Cheesecake 20% Bread sauce Mint sauce well loved sides 70% 81% turkey - top of the christmas table For the main focus of the Christmas dinner, TURKEY got more votes than all the other options combined Beef Pork/ Gammon Goose Pigs in Blankets Stuffing the veg list The ROAST POTATO is the key player when it comes to veg at Christmas with 85% of us tucking into those tasty tatties Three Bird Roast top table decoration 78% christmas cracker It wouldn’t be Christmas without a hat, joke and fun trinket! A cracking 78% of us are looking forward to pulling one this year britishturkey.co.uk 81% 67% Parsnips Duck 85% Brussel sprouts Chicken Roast potatoes Carrots Lamb king of the desserts.. 50% Beef gravy white wine Fizzy drinks Mulled wine Beer Red wine White wine Bucks fizz Cranberry sauce 8581+ 67+ 60+ 50+ 0+ 17+ 7+ 6+ Champagne 49% 31% 23% 14% 39% Thirsty work, making Christmas dinner - WHITE WINE is our preferred tipple with 39% of us opting for the white grape TURKEY GRAVY was by far the most popular sauce to accompany christmas dinner with a whopping 61% preferring this option, followed by 60% Peas 50% And our least favoured veg on the day were Red cabbage 17% Cheesy leeks 7% Shallots 6%