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Introduction to Nintex - Building SharePoint/O365 Forms and Workflows

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In this session, we will demonstrate how Nintex can streamline your time-consuming manual processes by creating desktop and mobile forms, and automated workflows in every department (HR, Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT) of your organization. Nintex is an intuitive, no-code, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow/form environment that reduces the complexity and time involved in building and improving business processes. We will also look at how other companies are benefiting from Nintex by automating their business processes.

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Introduction to Nintex - Building SharePoint/O365 Forms and Workflows

  1. 1. Who is Netwoven? Cloud Computing Excellence Award Winner • Netwoven is a solution consulting firm serving large & mid-size enterprises • We were founded in 2001 by former Microsoft executives • Top domain experts from multiple industries and technology firms like Microsoft, Accenture, Oracle & Intel • U.S. headquartered company with global development center Save the Children
  2. 2. Alex Viera – AlexV@Netwoven.com •Nintex Solutions Architect @ Netwoven • 28+ years of overall development experience including 17 years as a Microsoft Software Design Engineer and Technology Solutions Professional. • MCTS MCP •Bing/Google Maps – Geospatial Solutions • Cloud Solutions (Office365, Workflow, DocuSign…) development, deployment, and migrations. • Exceptional Nintex Customer References!
  3. 3. How much time and productivity are you losing?
  4. 4. The Platform for Digital Workflow Automation – Not a Developer Tool! Viewsophisticated powerful on the go low-code Quick easy easily
  5. 5. WebService Database Excel Custom XML SharePoint Nintex Document Generation
  6. 6. Everyday Processes Can you approve my Vacation Request? Can you approve my Vacation Request? I need this Expense Report approved. Please Review this Document ASAP. Here’s some Social Content to publish. I need this Expense Report approved. Here’s some Social Content to publish. What is my Job Task? Please Review this Document ASAP. Can you approve this Equipment Purchase? What is my Job Task? Please Review this Document ASAP. Can you approve this Equipment Purchase? I need Employee Onboarding. I need Employee Onboarding. Can you approve this Equipment Purchase? What is my Job Task? I need Employee Onboarding. IT - PRO
  7. 7. Hiring manager completed job requisition and sends for approval HR and head of business group review job requisition Job requisition approved Publish the open position on multiple job boards WEARE HIRING Standardized Nintex forms to capture all the feedback Generate offer letter and new hire forms Maintain employee records Update HR/Payroll database Notify IT for onboarding HIRED ••••••• ACCESS Joan Doe datePAYROLL Pre-scan candidates and set up onsite interview Schedule 1:1 interviews and gather feedback Review collated feedback Hire candidate? ? YES NO Automate recruiting process
  8. 8. Automate employee onboarding 12
  9. 9. Automate performance reviews 13 John Doe d atePA Y R O LL
  10. 10. Automate leave requests with Nintex 14 John Doe datePAYROLL
  11. 11. Drag-and-drop workflow designer for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 Quick & Easy • Workflow for everyone • Reusable templates and modules • Rapid ROI Built on Sharepoint/Office 365 • Simple deployment and management • Easy adoption • No additional infrastructure costs Connected • Integration with cloud and on-premise apps Intelligent • Real-time workflow status
  12. 12. Automate ANY Type of Request Leave Request Workflow • Request submitted • Workflow starts • Request sent to manager • Manager responds • Submitter notified • Workflow ends
  13. 13. Lazy Approval Overview Flexible Workflow Automation • Respond to tasks by email • No access to SharePoint needed • Easy configuration • Available in task actions
  14. 14. Web-based Forms Designer for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 Quick & Easy • Forms for everyone • Empower business users • Enhance developer productivity • Design once • Customize quickly • Publish instantly Anywhere, Anytime Form Access • Secure access to SharePoint users • Publish to public • Publish to mobile Workflow Integration • Transform workflows into business applications
  15. 15. › Deliver pictures, videos and other data directly into your processes › Give users access to forms, even when they’re not connected › Enable users to stay productive everywhere with real-time synchronization › Optimize for your device and platform of choice Seamless Workflow at Your Fingertips
  16. 16. Nintex Mobile Status Screen
  17. 17. › Rapidly connect workflows to a wealth of cloud services › Connect your platform to support hybrid deployments › Deliver anonymous forms to users outside your firewall › Publish custom workflows without deploying code Harness Mobile, Social & Cloud Capabilities
  18. 18. Demo…
  19. 19. Why Nintex? Nintex is the world leader in software and cloud services that empower organizations to automate everyday business processes quickly and easily of customers 1000+ partners 22 languages Millions of licensed users 90+ countries Thousands
  20. 20. Customers
  21. 21. WWW.NETWOVEN.COM/NINTEX AlexV@Netwoven.com