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Joint Netsso

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A J-Net (Joint Netsso) enables a group of Netsso members to jointly use Netsso.

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Joint Netsso

  1. 1. Teams/groups of Netsso members can set up a Joint Netsso ("J-Net") to jointly create and share links to any web objects, and to documents online, encrypted or not, and to blog and chat to each other.
  2. 2. Create your J-Net in two minutes from your personal Netsso and receive all functions of Netsso for your team. Pull down the Admin menu and click “Register J-Netsso”
  3. 3. On your Manage J-Net form, you invite other members and define permissions for each
  4. 4. Any member can add links, for common usage, including “Login” links (with credentials included), as well as Notes, reports, links to online files and folders, etc
  5. 5. Put some information into extra “Albums” (collections of virtual desktops), with access restrictions, as defined by individuals’ permissions.
  6. 6. Click to connect the Joint Netsso to online stores, such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc, for managing documents, encrypted or not. Slide shows the interface with these stores, from Netsso, via Online Files menu.
  7. 7. Members of the J-Net can set up encrypted Chat channels, to discuss any topic or documents of interest. Multiple chats at the same time, can be dragged across the screen.
  8. 8. This is a J-Net set up by a food exporter planning to enter the US food market. They share web information, documents, market reports, market visit reports, discussion, including encrypted chat
  9. 9. Friends gossiping….Students learning….Teachers jointly running group research/ other projects…. Lawyers explaining the law…accountants discussing the finances….architects making proposals… organizations distributing private documents… businessmen doing business… ...doctors treating patients... Who doesn’t need it? Possible user applications? Who needs easy-set-up integrated sharing of web links (-any url, no password entry needed-), private and public documents, encrypted internal chat channels?
  10. 10. web-site: https://www.netsso.com email : oifig@netsso.com Read more about Netsso on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/netsso Twitter https://twitter.com/netsso SlideShare http://www.slideshare.net/netsso