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Netex Webinar | Learning Analytics and New Intelligent Content [EN]

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Intelligent content and learning analytics is changing the way we use technology to learning content in the classroom within the EdTech space.

Webinar offered by Netex UK Country Manager, Mike Byrne, and Netex CTO, Joserra Mosteiro, on how this latest technology can be used in the corporate learning arena.

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Netex Webinar | Learning Analytics and New Intelligent Content [EN]

  1. 1. 01 Introduction Mike Byrne Netex UK Country Manager Joserra Mosteiro Founding Partner | CTO
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. What is intelligent content? 3. Why use Learning Analytics? 4. A new concept of Blended Learning 5. What type of content do you want for your company? 6. Content is King
  3. 3. We are Almost 100 professionals Working in three continents A learning technology company offering innovative solutions in the corporate and publishing field
  4. 4. What is intelligent content?
  5. 5. What is intelligent content? Oriented to their target audience Practical and entertaining Easy access and consultation Traceable, with Return On Investment It is content which is presented in an intelligent way, to reach learning objectives….
  6. 6. can we do something more?… But,
  7. 7. What if trainers and users could interact with content and collaborate with each other?
  8. 8. ResultCONTENT CONTENIDO INTELIGENTE INTELLIGENT CONTENT If technology enables us not only to see the result but to influence in it Performs Analytics Collaboration Management
  9. 9. And if we could devise more training dimensions such as motivation or effort Performs PerformanceCONTENT CONTENIDO INTELIGENTEINTELLIGENT CONTENT Performance Effort Motivation Reliability Participation
  10. 10. If trainer and users receive notifications and alerts, according to their activity CONTENIDO INTELIGENTEINTELLIGENT CONTENT
  11. 11. We evaluate content We increase trainers’ abilities Motivation between user and trainer is improved We remove the barrier between platform and content
  12. 12. Why use Learning Analytics?
  13. 13. «Learning Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for the purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which is it occurs.» http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_analytics
  14. 14. Collecting data of users activity Analysing information Allowing trainers and users to take decisions Learning Analytics
  15. 15. Learning Analytics They are not reports
  16. 16. Learning Analytics What can it do? What can we use it for? Predict the future performance of a user Provide unique feedback according to the answers Customise the learning process for each user To detect learning difficulties To detect inappropriate and non-motivational language To detect those users who spend few time training
  17. 17. To build Learning Analytics, we need to collect lots of interactions. The more, the better.
  18. 18. Learning Analytics, do you use it? 1. We do not use it, we know what it is and we have plans to start doing something. 2. We have started using LA techniques in some projects. 3. We widely use LA techniques in the company.
  19. 19. A new concept of Blended Learning on-site training e-learning intelligent content
  20. 20. Your experience with BLENDED 1. We do not use blended, some courses are on-line and other sessions are on-site only. 2. We use blended, with more investment in the on-site part. 3. We do blended, with more investment in the on-line part.
  21. 21. What type of content do you want for your company?
  22. 22. Create and manage groups Launch activities in real time Access Learning Analytics information Review classroom activities
  23. 23. • Activities that the trainer can launch. • Gamification components: badges, rankings… • Activities created by the trainer about the content itself- • Group activities: competitions, research activities. • Forum areas. • Information about the acquired competencies and their level of attainment. Some things to be included in «intelligent» content:
  24. 24. Content Is King
  25. 25. Content with management capacity Content shifts from something launched from a platform to a real application with management capacity
  26. 26. It enables us to free ourselves from LMS Content has its own life and coexists in any environment with its own intelligence
  27. 27. New tools for the trainer Content provides the trainer with tools, not available so far, to understand the activity of the group of users
  28. 28. A personalised learning experience
  29. 29. A «blended learning» environment, more dynamic and interactive
  30. 30. @NetexLearning | sales@netexlearning.com |