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Socialize the Enterprise

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In honor of Dreamforce 2012's theme, we created a parody to the song "Otherside" -- by none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Like Dreamforce itself, we hope it both educates and entertains, inspiring brands to embrace the concept of the social enterprise. Feel free to turn the volume up and sing along.

You can learn more here: http://blog.neolane.com/dreamforce2012/


How long, how long can brands hide
From social enterprise?
It won't, it won't be just a fad
Sit in the keynote, be changed forever

You hear their voice through a listenin' app
Bring Salesforce up, looking up their past
Then you'll know old CRM, it's whack
You've got to socialize the enterprise
Centuries old, data seems to be
A cemetery of walking dead leads
A real-time view and they would be revived
If you just socialize the enterprise
It's okay to socialize
Intake it all, intake it all

Repeat chorus

Support and service, they're blowing up
Response is nil, with clients spilling their guts
Tweetin' their friends how you've made them nuts
'Cuz you don't integrate the enterprise
Mass marketing, you know that horse is dead
One to one is what gives brands street cred
Event triggered with all channels wed
You've got to integrate the enterprise
Break walls down and socialize
Take it on, take it on

Repeat chorus

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