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Nelly Sarah Thom Visual Portfolio

This is a visual portfolio assignment that I had to complete for a presentation at full sail university. I'm a hopeful scrigger (rigging and scripting). My background is in graphic design and martial arts instruction and I take pride in being a jack of many trades. Thank you so much for watching - Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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Nelly Sarah Thom Visual Portfolio

  1. 1. “ Always Making it Better ” Designed  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  2. 2. “Focused (pet) parent, Designer, Scrigger...” Photo  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  3. 3. “Focused, but still fun.” Photo  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  and  Rhiiey  Bordelon  
  4. 4. “We all start somewhere” Made  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  5. 5. “It’s all about the FONT” Made  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  6. 6. Made  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  7. 7. “Getting Outside my Comfort Zone”Made  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  8. 8. Made  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  9. 9. “Life is un- predictable …” Photos  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom,  rigs  and  models  made  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  10. 10. “Practice makes permanent.” Photo  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  11. 11. “Don’t think, Just do it!” Photos  taken  by  Charles  Thom,  used  with  permission  
  12. 12. “We learn by teaching.” -­‐LaAn  Proverb   Photos  taken  by  Andrea  Fuller-­‐Montgomery,  used  with  permission  
  13. 13. “To COMPETE is to win” Photo  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  and  Michael  skura  
  14. 14. “Every ending is a new beginning” Photos  taken  by  Lisa  Fauber-­‐  used  with  permission  
  15. 15. “Communication skills are Vital ”︎ Photo  taken  by  Marie  Stretjc,  used  with  permission   Logo  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom   Ledger-­‐SenAnel,  10-­‐23-­‐14,  page  21  
  16. 16. “A jack of many trades” Photos  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  and  Caitlyn  Watkins  –  used  with  permission  
  17. 17. “Never forget to give back” Photos  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  18. 18. “Mistakes will be made” Photos  and  rigs  made  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom   Models  for  troll  and  bunny  made  by  Fullsail  and  used  with  permission  
  19. 19. “What matters is what you do next”︎ Created  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  20. 20. “I will Continue to grow my toolbox, Starting with photography”Photo  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  21. 21. Photo  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  22. 22. “While continuing to master pre-existing skills”︎ Created  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  23. 23. “One day Movies and Video games will have my name on them”︎Photos  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  24. 24. “Success is Happiness- You are truly Successful when you are happy ”︎Created  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom  
  25. 25. Contact Info:︎ Nelly Sarah Thom︎ Nellythom12@gmail.com︎ Also available through linkedin, facebook,︎ and twitter.︎ Yassss   Photo  taken  by  Nelly  Sarah  Thom