general sings & symptom of disease fish parasitic disease: nutritional disease: viral disease: bacterial disease: preparation of fish ball tagging methods for stock assessment and research tagging method shrimp hatchery preparation shrimp hatchery mangroves and wetlands destruction background of coastal aquaculture in bangladesh sustainable livelihoods approach (sla) sustainability assessment framework sustainable aquaculture what are the main problems with aquaculture? what kind of aquaculture is sustainable? sustainability issues sustainability of aquaculture in bangladesh artemia present status of artemia in bangladesh use of artemia in aquaculture in bangladesh importance of artemia to aquaculture industrial hatchery of artemia maintenance problem of artemia benefits of using decapsulated cysts brine shrimp fact sheet advantages of using artemia as test organism use of brine shrimp in aquaculture in bangladesh brine shrimp use of artemia in aquaculture prospect of artemia culture in bangladesh troubleshooting an artemia culture importance of rice-fish culture disadvantages of rice-fish culture traditional system of rice-fish culture: suitable fish species for rice-fish ciultur steps of rice-fish culture management of irrigation: selection of suitable rice field for fish culture role of fish in food and nutrition rice-fish system in bangladesh advantage of rice-fish culture rice-fish culture systems rice-fish culture technique what is a rice-fish system quantitative trait loci (qtl) dna markers molecular markers application in fisheries genetic diversity and resource analysis and marker-assisted selection (mas) application of molecular markers in fish genetic variation between wild and hatchery future applications of dna markers in aquaculture types of molecular marker molecular marker somudro bijoy from india somudro bijoy significant gains for bangladesh in the maritime recent achievement of bangladesh on sea somudrobijoy salient biological characteristics of carps growth of carps fecundity of carps indian major carp maturity of carps breeding of carps bighead carp breeding season & spawning of carp yeast: applied branches of microbiology molds branches microbial diversity some common virus & their effect usages of yeast fungus important genera & species in bacteriology habitat of bacteria microbial diversity & redundancy growth of carp fecundity of carp breeding season and spawning of carp life cycle of carp food & feeding habit salient biological characteristics of cultured car immersion & spray freezer liquid refrigerant freezers various types of freezers: disadvantages of immersion freezer possible problems with spray freezer: merits of immersion freezer good points for spray freezer: mode of operation of ber jal ber jal construction of shrimp hatchery fungal disease fungal disease: genetic disease: food habit & lifecycle of mussel & clamp breeding of mussel & clamp biology of mussels & camps biology of clamp biology of mussel gnrh in fish gnrh-receptor expression in fish gonads: role of gnrh in fish gonadotropin releasing hormone (gnrh) effects of gnrh on behavior gnrh protein in fish gonads: gnrh expression of gnrh in fish brain: role(s) of gnrh in fish gonads genome sequences human genome what is genome types of genomes dna sequence genome setting up a aquarium health as a constraint to aquaculture: types of fish disease fish health management: fish disease and health management good farming health management practices: treatment of fish disease fish ball nutrient distribution in sea factors of nutrients in sea classification of angel fish angel fish-pterophyllum scalare biology of angel fish culture of angel fish preparation of miso taste enhancer from the long-term ripening of miso oyster culture oyster and mussel culture techniques mussel culture control of aquatic weeds taste-active components & their roles in fish and extractive components: role of extractive componet on teast of sea food composition of taste active components: taste-active compounds: advantage disadvantage of marking and tagging stock assessment advantage disadvancetage of tagging and marking feed farm in bangladesh marketing system of aqua feed manufacturing of aqua feed commercial aqua feed farm in bangladesh proximate composition of narezushi fermentation of narezushi current status of open area in bangladesh open water management in bangladesh open water management program open water managed by different agencies fisheries resource management in bangladesh fishing ban and impact of fish sanctuary in bd policy implications and recommendations resource management & access to resource problems in fishers access in bangladesh import and export regulation on fishery product competent authority regulation on fishery product by competent author fda regulation eu regulation on fisherie product animal vs plant difference between plants and animals plant vs animal
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