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What is
Russia doing?

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What is Russia doing to Ukraine?

Russia is going to occupy Ukraine having announced about garrisoning Russian military forces in Ukraine in order to protect Russian citizens in Ukraine from nonexistent threats.
Looks like a war against the neighbour is a thoroughly planned operation, prepared long time ago.

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What is Russia doing to Ukraine?

  1. 1. What is Russia doing? 1700 1944 February 19 1954 December 5 1994 April 21 2010 August 14 November 23 2013 November 30 2013 February 20 2014 February 22 Originally in XV-th century Crimea was inhabited by Crimean tatars. Suffered from repressions, deportations at times of Soviet Unions. Crimean tatars Ukrainians Russians February 28 2014 March 1 2014 1850 1944 april 1944 june N.Khrushchev gives Crimea to Ukrainian Soviet Republic, takes the 3x larger territory, due to unprofitable economy of Crimea after the World War II and massive deportation of Crimean tatars. ukrainians russians Ukraine completely gets rid of nuclear weapon (3-rd largest in the world). BUDAPEST MEMORANDUM Russian Federation, Great Britain, United States of America agree to guarantee independence, souverenity and cordons integrity of Ukraine, abstain from aggression, economic pressure. 176 nuclear warheads V.Yanukovych (president elected with massive falsifications) signs the Kharkiv Pact with the Russian president D.Medvedev: Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation allowed to be based in Crimea till 2042 in exchange of 100$ discount on natural gas instead of a review of the gas contract to lower the price, as it was done by European countries. Sells national interests of Ukraine to Russia, violates the Constitution. Russia blocks import of goods from Ukraine – economic pressure aiming to prevent association of Ukraine with European Union despite 58% supporting the EU association. Yanukovych refuses from association. People go out to massive protests all over Ukraine. Yanukovych uses brutal force of riot police and paid thugs to intimidate and dissolve protestors. After 100+ killed (shot by snipers) people finally achieve peaceful agreement between the president and opposition. Russia doesn’t acknowldge the agreement, provides refugee to the president-killer, riot police units escaping from Ukraine. ↓100$ 2017 2042 STOP 100+ killed + 1000+ injured + 300+ missing New democratic government is forming in Ukraine under thorough control of society. IN THE MEANTIME February 26 2014 1700 russians Russian deputies arrive to Crimea, actively support ideas of separatism. Violating all the procedures, a citizen of Russian Federation assigned as a mayor of Sevastopol. People are being convienced that mythical extremists from the centre/west of Ukraine are coming to kill them. Yanukovych gives a press-conference in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Claims that he is a legitimate president of Ukraine, that the new government are radicals, extremists, fascists. Asks Putin to restore order in Ukraine. Russian army occupies an international airport in Crimea, blocks Ukrainian military units. Riot police officers of Ukraine get passports of Russian Federation. ukrainians tatars + Russian passports for making people who need protection by Russia. The State Council of Russian Federation officially gives permission to V. Putin to garrison Military Forces of Russian Federation in Ukraine for protection of Russian citizens in Ukraine from nonexistent “fascists”. Occupation of Ukraine? March 2, 2014 “ProCvit”