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Campaign proposal indonesia seru

  1. indonesiaseruC a m p a i g n S t r a t e g y P r o p o s a l Naufan Yuqa Satrio – Institut Teknologi Bandung
  2. INDONESIA IS WORLD CLASS TRAVEL & TOURISM Indonesia  have  beaten  other   countries  and  wins  3  ASEANTA   Awards  2016  in  Cultural   Preserva4on  Effort,  Travel  Ar4cle,   and  Tourism  Photo.  Before  that,   Ubud,  Indonesia  has  nominated   as  World’s  Top  15  Des=na=ons   featured  in  CNN  Travel.  With  its   large  diversity  culture  and   landscape,  Indonesia  s4ll  has  a  big   poten4al  to  explore.  Tourism   Ministry  named  10  most  poten4al   sites  that  aHract  domes4c  tourism   which  is  Toba  Lake,  Tanjung   Kelayang,  Kepulauan  Seribu,   Tanjung  Lesung,  Borobudur,   Bromo  tengger  and  many  more  
  3. IRONICALLYEvery  100  Indonesian  youths  there  are  35  youths  who  prefer  to  travel  abroad     Most  thought  that  caused  them  to  travel   abroad  rather  than  travel  in  domes4c  based   on  polling  ques4onnaire  with  200+   respondents  with  demographic  18  to  30  years   old  is  :     They  are  more  interested   in  other  country’s  culture   (38.4%)     Poorness  in  local  site   maintenance  (35.5%)     Lack  of  informa=on  about  domes=c   tourism  (23.3%)     Besides,  Indonesian  youths  have  important   role  in  developing  Indonesia  tourism  both  in   present  and  future.  With  their  capabili4es  in   skill,  technology,  and  spirit,  Indonesian  youth   has  an  enormous  poten4al  to  develop     domes4c  tourism     Despite  Indonesia’s  Achievements,   In  average  Indonesian  youths  only   know  about  60%  of  poten:al  local   tourism  site       -­‐polling  ques:onnaire  
  4. WHAT IF INDONESIAN YOUTHS PARTICIPATE Youths  Advocate   With  their  technology  in  social   media  and  as  a  community-­‐based   genera4on,  youths  will  be  trend   seHer  for  domes4c  tourism   Peoples  Engagement   As  people  ge^ng  familiar  with   domes4c  tourism  led  by  youths   advocacy,  people  will  be  more   engage  with  the  beauty  of  Indonesia   tourism   Tourist  Increased   Engagement  encourage  people  to  act   to  visit  domes4c  tourism  site     Income  Increased   Tourism  could  be  the  key  source  of   income  in  some  tourism  site.  Tourism   sites  get  developed  alongside  the   civilian  become  wealthy  and   prosperous       Culture  Preserva4on   As  people  aware  and  engage  to  how   beau4ful  Indonesia’s  culture  and   landscape  are,  people  will  preserve  it   as  a  na4onal  pride  
  5. indonesiaseruINDONESIASERU  is  project  that  inspire  people  and  engage  them  with  local  Tourism  through  youths  movement.  The         strategy  of  this  project  is  divided  into  3  major  event,  Pojok  Indonesia,  Kalau  Saya  Pergi  ke,  and  Jalan-­‐Jalan  Seru  
  6. PROJECTOBJECTIVES . SCOPE . TARGET OBJECTIVES 1.  Engage other people about local tourism 2.  Incentivize youths to love local tourism 3.  Increasing tourist number to local tourism site 4.  Inspiring other tourism campaign SCOPE This project will be held in 5 develop city in Indonesia such as Medan, Palembang, Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. This project will be held for 2 months at December to January 2016 which is the highest rate tourism month. TARGET This project will be aimed for all youths (17-28 years old) with SES C1-B as they were considered to be the highest proportion (55%) in community, flexible, and ease to use technology as project channel.
  7. pojok indonesia Pojok  Indonesia  is  aim  to  increase  youths  awareness  and  engagement  to  local   tourism  site  by  showing  them  how  beau4ful  Indonesia  Tourism  is.  Using  Virtual   Reality  technology,  we  want  to  make  people  feels  how  mesmerizing  it  is  to   travel  in  local  tourism  site.  Virtual  Reality  Video  is  known  to  be  the  best   informa4on  media  which  include  video  and  interac4ve  head  movement  plus   sound.  This  project  will  be  placed  in  some  strategic  target  area  such  at  the   corner  of  the  mall  or  park  in  Medan,  Palembang,  Jakarta,  Bandung,  and   Surabaya  city.  So,  with  Pojok  Indonesia  youths  will  have  perspec=ve   that  INDONESIASERU  (Indonesia  is  interes=ng)     This  event  is  supported  by  celebrity  endorsement  using  Vlog  to  inspire  other   people  to  try  VR  video.  Based  on  research  in  Indonesia,  celebrity  has  a  big   influence  (80%)  to  communicate  a  project  or  product  with  target  market  20-­‐30   years  old  consumer.  
  8. kalau saya pergi ke… This  project  is  aim  to  increase  youths  par4cipa4on  in  spreading  the   campaign.  Using  15  second  Instagram  Video  Challenge,  youths  are   challenged  to  make  crea4ve  video  with  a  theme  “Kalau  Saya  Pergi  Ke…  (If  I   were  going  to  one  of  five  tourism  site,  I  would...)”.  This  part  is  trying  to   incen4vize  youths  to  advocate  the  tourism  site  relevant  to  its  brand,  for   example  Borobudur  brand  is  temple  monument  and  etc.  So  with  Kalau   Saya  Pergi  Ke,  youths  will  get  a  referral  persuasion  from  their   friends  to  go  traveling  in  Indonesia  knowing  that  INDONESIASERU   (Indonesia  is  Interes=ng)     Instagram,  based  on  research  is  the  most  relevant  social  media  to  travel  and   tourism  (53.3%  respondent  agreed).  Beside,  visual  audio  can  communicate   its  content  up  to  70%,  rather  than  visual  only  is  30%  and  sound  only  is  10%.  
  9. jalan jalan seru Jalan  Jalan  Seru  is  aim  to  actually  send  youths  to  take  trip  to  Toba  Lake,  Tanjung   Kelayang,  Tanjung  Lesung,  Kepulauan  Seribu,  or  Bromo.  This  trip  is  given  free  as  a   reward  for  the  winner  of  Kalau  Saya  pergi  Ke  challenge.  They  wishes  to  have  trip   to  local  tourism  site  will  be  granted  as  a  winner  of  a  challenge  each  category.   When  they  actually  have  a  trip,  we  want  them  to  share  their  post  about  how   interes4ng  it  is  to  travel  in  local  tourism.  So  with  Jalan  Jalan  Seru,  youths  will   actually  feel  it  right  to  the  skin  that  INDONESIASERU  (Indonesia  is   Interes=ng)  
  10. PROJECT EVALUATION Pojok  Indonesia     Stand  a  booth  in  public  aHrac4on  each   city  (Medan,  Palembang,  Jakarta,   Bandung,  and  Surabaya)     Booths  held  for  a  month  in  each  city   with  10.000  visitors  each  city     3000  subscrip4on  for  microsite   Kalau  Saya  Pergi  Ke     3000  par4cipants  join  this  challenge     There  were  10.000  total  likes  via   Instagram  for  each  tourism  des4na4on     3000  subscrip4on  for  microsite   Jalan  Jalan  Seru     There  were  3  winners  each  tourism   des4na4on  category  and  the  winners   announced  each  week       Each  winner  get  2  4cket  tours   accommoda4on       300  likes  via  Instagram  for    winners   documenta4on  video  
  11. PROJECT TIMELINE November   December   January   Proposal Development                                                             Video Agency Partnership                                                             Celeb Partnership                                                             Community Partnership                                                             Building VR                                                             Celeb Endorsement                                                             Pojok Indonesia                                                             Kalau Saya Pergi ke...                                                             Jalan Jalan Seru                                                             Project Evaluation                                                            
  12. PROJECT BUDGET Price  in  Rupiah   Administra4ve   Proposal   500,000   Partnership   2,300,000   Pojok  Indonesia   Video  development  (5  ci4es)   100,000,000   Booth  Pojok  Indonesia  (5  ci4es)   50,000,000   Celeb  Endorsement   100,000,000   Adver4sing  Expenses  (microsite,   marke4ng,  etc)   20,000,000   Kalau  Saya  Pergi  Ke..   Microsite  Development   5,000,000   Adver4sing  Expenses   20,000,000   Jalan  Jalan  Seru   Trip  Expenses  (30  persons)   135,000,000   Total   432,800,000  
  13. “Living without traveling is nothing better than walking with one eye shut” - Anonymous