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Scaling the resale revolution

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NRFtech 2019 presentation
Anthony Marino, President, thredUP

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Scaling the resale revolution

  1. 1. !X
  2. 2. ###
  3. 3. ##
  4. 4. # 2%want to sell their own clothes
  5. 5. # 2%want to sell their own clothes 98%want someone else to take care of it!
  6. 6. #
  7. 7. # thredUP’s mission is to inspire a
 new generation of consumers
 to think secondhand first. #
  8. 8. #
  9. 9. # New arrivals
 every second Indistinguishable from
 shopping new Incredible value on 35K brands in 100 categories
  10. 10. # Secondhand Market Will Reach $51B in 5 Years #
  11. 11. A New Resale x Retail Model is Emerging
  12. 12. # Nearly 9 in 10 Retail Executives Want to Get Into Resale by 2020
  13. 13. # I would buy more from this retailer if they also offered used apparel Consumers Want More Secondhand, Not Less ONE
  14. 14. Confidential !X Fashion is Polluting the Planet TWO
  15. 15. # The equivalent of
 one garbage truck of
 textiles is landfilled
 or incinerated
 every second.
  16. 16. # 60%of consumers would increase loyalty to
 a brand if recycling
 program was offered Apparel Recycling Drives Loyalty THREE
  17. 17. # 56M Women Shopped Secondhand in 2018 FOUR
  18. 18. # Millennials and Gen Z Are Driving the
 Growth of Secondhand FOUR
  19. 19. # 21%More and visit 70% more frequently thredUP pop-ups in
 department stores entice customers to spend Used Product Boosts Sales & Traffic FIVE
  20. 20. # Resale Economy BRANDS… RETAILERS…
  21. 21. # thredUP powers the resale economy. # Resale is the fastest growing apparel sector in the US.
  22. 22. # 0 40 80 120 160 TO-DATE 2025 2030 $50B $150B $5B Technology and operations capabilities to support limitless scaling of our infrastructure. $5B in retail value
  23. 23. # “How will we merchandise all those
 unique items in the store?” Merchandising
  24. 24. # “Not sure, but we need to find a way to show fresh,
 new things every day…maybe thredUP can power our resale feed…
 because this is what customers want.” Merchandising
  25. 25. # Marketing “How will we market used items alongside our new items? Our customers don’t shop our site this way!”
  26. 26. # “Not sure, but shoppers want selection and variety, so let’s test it…it’s what customers want.” Marketing
  27. 27. # “Our navigation is not set-up
 to browse listings like this.” Technology #
  28. 28. # “Maybe we need to develop an alternative way to navigate unique listings…because this is…what customers want.” Technology #
  29. 29. # “Our fulfillment centers aren’t set-up to do this…” Operations #
  30. 30. # “Maybe we can work with thredUP to fulfill out of their facility given that…this is what customers want.” Operations #
  31. 31. # Consumers Are Shifting Their Retail Spend Rapidly Where will you spend more or less In the next 5 years?
  32. 32. Resale x Retail
  33. 33. !X to thredUPThank You Anthony S. Marino anthony@thredUP.com