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Sydney Sleeper Cell

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Sydney Sleeper Cell

  1. 1. Unidentified Female 1 Unidentified Female 2 Mohammed RASHED Unidentified Male 3 Unidentified Male 2 Unidentified Male 1 Link Link Link Link Link Link Possibly Same Registration plates swapped Salesman Link Possibly Same. Responsibility Claimed Responsibility Claimed. Senior Member E-Cell Owner Possibly Same Owned Gas Cylinders. Sister Vehicle of Interest Driver "E-Cell' linked to May 15 Faction by FBI Alias Possibly Same Identified as buyer of Valiant E-Cell timing device found thrown clear by the partial detonation of the IED. Linked to RASHED by wire and potting compound. 'E-Cell" Located at Blast Site. Gas Cylinders traced to NSW State Rail Authority. Registration Plate AOI267 replaced on Valiant Sedan with Registration plate LBT657 from stolen Ford Sedan. Occurred some time between 22/DEC/1982 to 23/DEC/1982. Registration Plates Swapped. Rashed meets with local members of the May 15 Faction to plan bombings against Israeli and Jewish assets in Sydney. Meets with local sleeper cell. May 15 Faction also known as Abu Ibrahim Faction Khadijah BEYDOUN 20/12/1982 w Green 1970 Ford sedan reported stolen from Kogarah by Khadijah BEYDOUN. Found burnt out the same day in the Greenacre area. Green Ford Sedan Reported Stolen. Mohammed BEYDOUN NSW State Rail Authority Consulate Stairwell After Bombing. ISRAELI CONSULATE-GENERAL AND HAKOAH CLUB BOMBINGS 23 DECEMBER 1982 Rear of Valiant. Hakoah Club. Consulate Stairwell. Mohammed Rashed enters Australia to plan bombings with a local sleeper cell. Unknown Arrival Flight Number Palestinian Affiliation Israeli Consulate-General Building UNCLASSIFIED - OPEN SOURCE. Silver Mitsubishi Sigma station wagon. Front of Valiant Side of Valiant. Intact Gas Cylinder Unidentified female called Sydney Police Headquarters and claims responsibility by the Organisation for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners for the bombings at the Israeli Consulate building and the Hakoah club. Responsibility Claimed Mohammed Rashed departs Australia. Unknown Departure Flight Number 1970 Ford Sedan LBT657 1971 Valiant Sedan AOI267 David CAWTHORN David Hoffman 23/12/1982 3:50:00 PM Green Valiant sedan observed parked at the Hakoah club. Three unidentified males were observed at the rear of the vehicle, one male holding an unidentified item. 1971 Valiant Sedan 14/12/1982 8:00:00 PM Three male adults travel to Granada Motors, Parramatta Road Burwood in a silver Chrysler station wagon. Two males negotiate the sale of a 1971 Green Valiant sedan registration number AOI267 with salesman David CAWTHORN. Negotiate the sale of 1091 Valiant Sedan 22/12/1982 w Valiant sedan observed parked behind silver Mitsubishi Sigma station wagon. Unidentified female observed talking to the driver of the Mitsubishi station wagon in vicinity of Granada Motors. Female observed in company of silver Sigma station wagon. 23/12/1982 6:45:00 PM Partial detonation of IED consisting of gas cylinders and petrol drum in the boot of Green Valiant sedan in the underground carpark of the Hakoah Club in Bondi. IED detonates at Hakoah Club. 22/12/1982 3:00:00 PM 1971 Valiant Sedan collected from Granada Motors by unidentified female. Valiant Sedan Collected 23/12/1982 1:55:00 PM A briefcase containing PETN and timer detonated in the 7th floor stairwell adjacent to the Israeli Consulate Offices. Bomb Detonates at Israeli Consulate Building Analyst: N Thompson. Date: 03 November 2013. Source: Open source only. Classification: Unclassified. Page 1 of 1