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Home base business success

  1. Home Base Business Success
  2. Have you thought about these questions from time to time? • What is my purpose in life? • How could I help someone with my purpose in life? • How can I find my purpose right now, this very moment? • What must I do to live my purpose? • Who can I speak to that will help direct my purpose?
  3. • Do you ever feel tired of doing the same thing day after day at your current job? • Have you lost the zeal you once had when you was first hired? • Do you work long hard hours but still remain on empty each week? • Would you love to take a vacation but unable to; due to bills, debt that you can’t shake off? • Have you tried a Home Base Businesses (HBB) but promises where not kept and the products where not beneficial for the current and future times?
  4. You can start saving your hard earned money by following a few simple steps! • Sign-up and get a cell phone discount; 22% off your AT&T and or Verizon bill and 12% off your T-Mobile bill. • Continue buying what you buy, where you buy and how you buy. • Simply use the products and services for yourself and start saving today with a huge Market place giving you money back for shopping!
  5. Picture • WakeUpNow: Is a company that will provide you, your family and love ones with a better solution for life with a great software that will simplify your life and help you SAVE YOU MONEY, MANAGE YOUR MONEY & MAKE YOU MONEY; all at the same time, so no time wasted to see your hard earned money being saved, managed and place in your pocket once you sign-up!
  6. • Team up with a great Sponsors, Leaders that will guide you and that will provide you with ready to use tools to share your Home Base Business. • A great formula used to help increase your savings is B3 + H3 + G3 = Saving, Managing your money and Making money. Earn $600 monthly with the $600 club earns on top of your savings by using the products and services. What is B3, H3, G3? It is Bring Three, Help Three and Get Three! You build a solid team and every month everyone continues growing and enjoying more trees!
  7. • You will feel alive and worth something because you taking a step towards changing your life and invite energy into your life! • What a great feeling to help someone SAVE, MANAGE AND MAKE MONEY to enjoy the pleasures of life! • You will fulfill a great purpose in your life by helping others each and every day by offering great value for their hard earned money! • Tools to become a great Leader will be available 24/7, 365 days year! • Coaching materials, live contacts, resources, company updates and webinars will be a call, text away; or a click away.
  8. • I know that following the action plan mention will give you confidence in your knowledge. • Using the products and services will make you a believer and save you tons of money and working your business will help us all succeed and make money together! • Below are additional links that will support your business. Save these to your PC, Laptop & Smartphone Desktop or Homepage. You will use them daily-hourly!
  9. Comp Plan: • sources/286.20121121%20Compensation%20Plan. pdf Presentation: • Pitch: •
  10. • Please never hesitate to contact me via email, text or phone. If I am unavailable-I will always get back to you as soon as I am able! • I am so excited to work with you and get to know you! • We are going to change a lot of lives together- • Thanks to WakeUpNow! • • • @wakeupnow24 • Sincerely, Jounathan – A.K.A Nathan