Gender;gender identity;gender expression;gender stereotyping;gender equity and equality

Student at Keyi Sahib Training College, Karimbam, Taliparamba, Kannur
20 de Mar de 2017

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Gender;gender identity;gender expression;gender stereotyping;gender equity and equality

  2. What is the difference between sex and gender ?
  3. Sex is what we get biologically by birth, but gender is not inherently connected to one’s physical anatomy. Sex = male & female Gender = masculine & feminine
  4. Gender explains the difference between men and women in social terms as men and what a man can do, as women and what a woman can do or can’t do.
  5. GENDER IDENTITY It is one’s innermost concept of self as male or female or both or neither. It is the way how an individual perceive himself. One’s gender identity can be the same or different than the sex assigned at birth.
  6. GENDER EXPRESSION It is the way in which people outwardly interact their gender identity to others through behavior, clothing, haircut, voice and other forms of presentation. Sometimes, transgender people seek to match their physical expression with their gender identity rather than their birth assigned sex.
  7. GENDER STEREOTYPE Gender stereotyping can be defined as the over generalization of characteristics, differences and attributes of a certain group based on their gender. Gender stereotypes generates a widely accepted prejudiced opinion about the characteristics or traits that applied to each gender.
  8. If a man or woman acts in a different way from how their gender is assumed to behave, they won’t be agreed. Gender stereotypes becomes dangerous sometimes, because they might create unequal dealing to a certain person who chooses to challenge people’s assumption about his/her gender.
  9. When gender inequality occurs on the background of gender stereotyping, it is called sexism.
  10. Are gender equality and gender equity the same ???
  11. The concepts of ender equity and gender equality are interconnected. But they are not the same.
  12. WHO defines gender equity as fairness and justice in the distribution of benefits and responsibilities between women and men. It is the concept of distributing resources, allocating programs and providing rights in decision making reasonably to both males and females without any discrimination on the basis of sex.
  13. Gender equity does not mean making the same programs and facilities available to both males and females. It means giving everyone what they need to be successful.
  14. Gender equality is treating everyone as the same. Like equity, equality aims to promote fairness and justice but is only successful if everyone starts from the same level and needs the same things.