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Paul presentation

powerpoint on the heroes lesson

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Paul presentation

  1. 1. Heroes: Who are they? What are seine characteristics that you think a hero might pi_isse‘~. ~..7
  2. 2. Five Hero Characteristics courageous the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to overcome fear when facing difficulty, danger, or pain. selfless the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others; having little or no concern for oneself. determined a person's willpower to see something to its end or finality, no matter how hopeless or long it may take, has performed an admirable act or is regarded an an exceptional model t0 others graCefu| a person's charm or positive manner/ character that is usually reflected during difficult or stressful periods. capable a person's special skill, talent, or training to do something well.
  3. 3. ’’The Marathon of Hope” Terry Fox As you listen to the * audio clip, fill in the missing words on your worksheet
  4. 4. Heroes and their Achievements With your classmate, read the sentence strips and try to match the correct information with the appropriate picture. - teenager named Terry Fox lost one of his legs to cancer, which inspired him to create a charity to raise money for cancer research and treatment. erry Fox, who had lost a leg to cancer, illustrated selflessness by creating his ‘Marathon of Hope"charity run ! !l iwhenyouareefinishedfiewriteeany 5 statements using telative clauses
  5. 5. Hero Famous idol is a person who has 5 is someone whose qualities, 5 is someone who provokes an performed an admirable act § infamy, position in society, or E intense, worshipful reaction in or is regarded as an achievements are outstanding certain people; the attention exceptional model to others 5 enough to merit public attention 5 received is excessive l In your groups, read the descriptions of each picture and discuss whether the person is primarily a hero, famous person, or an idol. A- ' ‘. . "VI Iv‘! IIl§'. a v‘v"~ '1 v! I 1] It 2.
  6. 6. Review . What is a hero? Please explain or define what a hero is. “ A hero may have one or more primary characteristics. Use a famous figure below to describe a heroic characteristic. “ What is the difference between a hero, a famous person, and an idol?