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Top 5 DGX Sessions From GTC 2019

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Watch the top five GTC 2019 sessions on NVIDIA DGX Systems on-demand if you were unable to attend the conference this year.

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Top 5 DGX Sessions From GTC 2019

  1. 1. 5 Must-See DGX Sessions from GTC 2019
  2. 2. Deep Learning Implementers Panel: Experts Discuss Their Keys to Success This customer panel brought together AI implementers from BMW, Capital One, and Subtle Medical who have deployed deep learning at scale. The discussion focused on specific technical challenges they faced, solution design considerations, and best practices learned from implementing their respective solutions. WATCH NOW
  3. 3. Creating AI Workgroups Within the Enterprise: Developers Share Their Best Practices Learn from NVIDIA customers who shared their best practices for extending AI compute power to their teams without a data center. They describe innovative approaches that let them turn an NVIDIA DGX Station into a powerful solution serving developers from the convenience of an office. Learn how teams building powerful AI applications may not need to own servers or depend on data center access and find out how to take advantage of containers, orchestration, monitoring, and scheduling tools. WATCH NOW
  4. 4. KVM GPU Virtual Machines: Maximizing Performance and Utilization on DGX Learn how to deploy deep learning applications for multi-tenant environments based on KVM. These virtual machines (VM) can be created with simple commands and are tuned for optimal DL performance leveraging underlying NVSwitches, NVLINKs, and NVIDIA GPUs. Anish Gupta, Principal Engineer at NVIDIA showed examples for creating, launching, and managing multiple GPU VMs in this session. WATCH NOW
  5. 5. Red Hat and the NVIDIA DGX: Tried, Tested, Trusted Red Hat and NVIDIA collaborated to bring together two of the technology industry's most popular products: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and the NVIDIA DGX system. This talk covered how the combination of RHELs rock-solid stability with the incredible DGX hardware can deliver tremendous value to enterprise data scientists. We also showed how to leverage NVIDIA GPU Cloud container images with Kubernetes and RHEL to reap maximum benefits from this incredible hardware. WATCH NOW
  6. 6. All You Need to Know About Programming NVIDIA's DGX-2 NVIDIA's DGX-2 system offers a unique architecture which connects 16 GPUs together via the high-speed NVLink interface, along with NVSwitch which enables unprecedented bandwidth between processors. In this talk, Lars Nyland and Stephen Jones of NVIDIA take an in depth look at the properties of this system along with programming techniques to take maximum advantage of the system architecture. WATCH NOW