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Home remedies for Sunburn Relief

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Are you looking for sunburn remedies? How to cure sunburn in home? You may try these sunburn home remedies suggested by Dr. Shikha Sharma of Butrihealth Systems to cure your sunburn.

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Home remedies for Sunburn Relief

  1. 1. Home remedies for Sunburn Relief<br />Here are few remedies for sunburn:• Dip few drops of rose water in a cold water and enjoy the refreshing bath. This will act as a good sunburn reliever in the summer days.• Put a wet, soft and cool piece of cloth on your face and other parts of the body (which is sunburn), whenever you feel itching and burning sensation in the skin.• Using Aloe Vera herb for sunburn relief---Your skin irritation and inflammation because of sunburn is easily recovered using Aloe Vera herb. Herb Aloe Vera (ghrita kumari) is very effective in relieving inflammation and this is easily available in medical stores. Apply few drops of ghrita kumari or oil in the affected sunburn area before going out in the sun. You can also use this 10-15 minutes afterwards of sun exposure. • Take bath using cold water and few drops of sandalwood oil. This will cool down and relief the sunburn skin and keeps a healthy balance of your body.• Using vinegar as a sunburn treatment---Soak a soft cotton cloth in a bucket of water containing few drops of vinegar and put on face (except on eyes) and other body parts, this act as good sunburn reliever..<br />