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WordPress Fav Plugins & Security

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Shared some favorite Plugins and talked a little about WordPress Security Plugins at PodCamp Western Mass #PCWM April '14

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WordPress Fav Plugins & Security

  1. 1. WordPress Plug-ins & Security Presented by: Reiko Beach PodCamp WM - April 2014
  2. 2. Plugins Plug-ins extend the functionality of WordPress ● Add new menus & configuration options to the Admin Dashboard (post types, spam filters, content importing) ● Add new features to the frontend of your website (social sharing tools) ● Change the way your site is displayed (mobile) ● Collect stats (analytics) ● Automate tasks (backup)
  3. 3. Suggested Free Plugins  Jetpack  Disqus/Intense Debate  Akismet (already built in)  W3 Total Cache  WordPress SEO by Yoast http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ Many other plugins freely available!
  4. 4. Some Suggested Plugins • Gravity Forms ($99 Business) • Backup Buddy ($80 Personal) • WordPress SEO by Yoast • Anti-Spam • One-Click Child Theme • WP Database Cleaner • Anti-Captcha • Testimonial Widgets • Woo Sidebars • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
  5. 5. What functionality do you want?
  6. 6. Security • Always upgrade your • WordPress Core, plugins and themes • Steps: • 1. Backup your site (vaultpress/backup buddy) • 2. Upgrade your themes and plugins first • 3. Upgrade WordPress core
  7. 7. Security • Have strong passwords at all entry points: • - Hosting control panel • - FTP • - WordPress admin (never use “admin”) • Download code directly from • wordpress.org whenever possible
  8. 8. Security - some plugins • WordPress File Manager Plus (checks files daily) • Login Lock (good passwords - limits logins) • Wordfence Security (Anti-virus and Firewall security) • BulletProof Security (.htaccess file security.) • Ithemes Security (formerly Better WordPress Secuity)
  9. 9. Architecture of WordPress • Files & folders • (File Manager): • Database (PHP):
  10. 10. Architecture of WordPress
  11. 11. Architecture of WordPress
  12. 12. Architecture of WordPress
  13. 13. Backups Use a plugin or service (automatic) Backup Buddy or VaultPress -or- Your Hosting service - just make sure its not backing up to the same server. Here’s a recent article about different (free) ways to backup your site: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/free-wordpress-backup-plugi
  14. 14. Backups REMEMBER - A WordPress site lives in two separate places simultaneously  files in a folder  data in tables in a database You need to back up both Secure your backups Test your backups
  15. 15. SEO Beyond the benefits of a stock WordPress install…•  Additional meta data you supply using an SEO plugin (next class)• How you write and organize your content (HTML,  taxonomy, etc.)• Permalinks w/ a good link structure  •  Google Webmaster Tools (monitor your site’s ranking performance)
  16. 16. Upgrade your WordPress Upgrade often  Don’t wait for minor updates that fix critical bugs or security issues 3.1.2, 3.1.4  Wait a bit longer on major releases 3.0, 3.2
  17. 17. Upgrade your WordPress WordPress, themes & plugins are open- source & community developed: embrace - but be cautiousKeep plugins & themes updatedBe careful of what files you’ve changed (ideally, don’t change any “core” files in themes, plugins or WordPress itself)
  18. 18. Upgrade your WordPress Before upgrading, backup your site & check plugin compatibility
  19. 19. Questions? »Twitter: Reikob and TechDayCamp »Linkedin: ReikoBeach »Reiko@thetoolboxinc.com »phone: 781.987.1655 TRBDesigns.com TheToolboxInc.com Let’s connect: