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Navigation maps

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Navigation maps

  1. 1. Accurate Navigation Maps From:
  2. 2. Content DetailCity Coverage• eNav Cities Coverage 658 Cities• Cities with Dual Carriage317 CitiesIndia Coverage• India Road Network 22,11,449 Km• National Highway Roads69,825 Km• State Highway Roads90192 Km• Roads with Standard name32,120 Km• Route Numbers on Roads154,715 KmRailway coverage• Rail Coverage Network 65,762 Km Data verified through extensive ground survey OEM to MapInfo StreetPro Large number of of POIs across 100 categories
  3. 3. Road Layer Fields
  4. 4. Road Types
  5. 5. Road Types Expressway Dual Carriage Single Carriage Roundabout Major Slip Road Parallel Road Service Road Parking (Entrance to/ Exit from a Car Park) Small Slip Road Special Traffic Figure Pedestrian Zone
  6. 6. ExpresswayIt is a road that has official recognition & which is crossing at a differentlevel and is connected to the rest of the road network by means of majorslip roads.•For classifying as an expressway a road should be >= 2 km.•For < 2km the road would be classified as Dual Carriage way.
  7. 7. Dual Carriage A Dual Carriage is the representation of a road, by means ofsplitting two different Carriages due to physical barrier split in two opposite direction.
  8. 8. Dual Carriage
  9. 9. Single CarriageA Single Carriage is a road that has a single lane for the purpose oftransport in both direction without having any barrier in between.
  10. 10. RoundaboutRoundabout is a type of circular intersection, a junction in which road traffic flows in one direction around a central island.
  11. 11. RoundaboutFor classifying as a roundabout the diameter must be > 5m and <120m
  12. 12. Major Slip RoadA major Slip Road is a road that generally connects roads crossing at different levels. Major Slip Road Multi-level Crossing Legend
  13. 13. Small Slip RoadA Small Slip Road is a road specially designed to ensure a connection between two roads.This connection is used to leave one road and drive smoothly to the other road particularlyto avoid a crossing at the same level. A small slip road is > 7.5 m and < 120 m. Small Slip Road
  14. 14. Service RoadA Service Road is a local road running parallel to a higher connectivity road. Service Road
  15. 15. Special Traffic FigureSpecial Traffic Figure and Closed Structure of RoadsA Special Traffic Figure refers to a closed circular, elongated or rectangular formation of roads that is not recognized as a roundabout because:• one or more roads run through the formation;• of the direction of traffic flow Special Traffic Figure Grade Separated Crossing Driving Direction Road Network Geometry Inaccessible Road
  16. 16. Special Traffic Figure• Delhi – India Gate roundabout
  17. 17. Road Class
  18. 18. Road Class National Highway State Highway Major District Road City Main Road Local City Connector Locality Connector Street Local Street (dead end or local street with low importance) Rural Paved Road Rural Un-Paved Road Footpath (unpaved Roads or not to use by vehicles)
  19. 19. National Highway and State Highway
  20. 20. Major District RoadsMajor District Road: which are officially in use & recognized as major connectionbetween different neighbouring Major District Head Quarters within state or region
  21. 21. Other Road ClassesCity Main Road: Roads that connect the Main Roads of a town or City.Local City Connector: Provides the connection between two local cities.Locality Connector: Provides connections between localities to other localities.Street: Main road that provides the connection to all local or dead end roads ofa locality.Dead end Street: All Street and dead end roads.
  22. 22. Traffic Flow
  23. 23. Traffic Flow Traffic Flow: is the database representation of the allowed direction of traffic flow on a road. Traffic Flow Value Open in both directions 0 Traffic Flow in the same direction as that of arrow of digitization 1 Traffic flow in the opposite direction as that of arrow of digitization 2 Inaccessible (Closed in both directions for General Vehicles) 3Arrow of Digitization: - Arrow of digitization is the direction in which thegeometry has been digitized.
  24. 24. Traffic Flow1) Open in Both directions (Data Base Value=0):2) Traffic Flow is along the arrow of digitization (Data Base Value=1):3) Traffic flow in the opposite direction as that of arrow of digitization (Data Base Value=2)
  25. 25. Traffic Flow4) Inaccessible(Data Base Value=3):
  26. 26. Section Road Level Crossing
  27. 27. Section Road Level Crossing A Road Level Crossing is the database representation of the relative spatial position of two consecutive Transportation elements crossing each other on different level. Traffic Flow Type Database Value Ground Level On Ground Level 0 RoadAbove Ground Level Bridges/ Flyover 1Under Ground Level Tunnel/ Underpass -1
  28. 28. Section Route Number
  29. 29. Route Number Route Number generally consists of a prefix (generally alphabetic characters written in upper cases), a number and, in some cases, a suffix.• For National Highways - NH and for State Highways - SH. For Example: NH- 6, NH- 48, SH-22 etc.• Route Number shall be captured as indicated on signposts. Continuity should is assured. Internal connectors shall have the same Route Numbers as its corresponding Freeway/Dual Carriageway.
  30. 30. Street Name
  31. 31. Street NameA Street Name is an identifying name given to a street or Road whichusually forms a part of the address.
  32. 32. Street Name• Standard Name (SN) - is the most common name of a real-world object.• Alternate Name (AN) - is an alternative for the most common name for a real-world object.
  33. 33. Speed Restriction
  34. 34. Speed Restriction Expressway: 90Km/ hrHighway: Urban - 50Km/ hr, Non-Urban - 90Km/ hr Other Roads: Urban/ Non-Urban – 50 Km/ hr
  35. 35. Other Layers
  36. 36. Railway Layer
  37. 37. Waterway Layer
  38. 38. Other Features
  39. 39. Other FeaturesSignpost - Branch Signs identify a specific distination at the end of the ramp and Towards Signs is specificdestination beyond the ramp end.Ramp - Exit from the main road OR Entrance to the main road from the road of difference level.Time Related Information (TRI) - Roads are open or Closed for a specific time period.Blocked Passage - Road closed for all vehicle or a particular vehicle type.Maximum Dimensions - Maximum Dimension is the largest acceptable limit on road that is generally below thebridge or over the bridge etc. Like 2.5 m (for Height), 450 T (for Weight) etc.Rest Areas - A rest area or service area is a public facility, located next to a large thoroughfare such as ahighway, expressway, or freeway at which drivers and passengers can rest, eat, or refuel without exiting on tosecondary roads.Lane Information - Information on numbers and types of lanes present on any road.
  40. 40. Other FeaturesManeuver - Maneuver gives the information about the next raod attached to the present road, LikeRestricted, Prohibited, Priority, Implicit etc.Toll Way - A Toll way is road for which a fee is collected in order to use the road. These are typicallycontrolled access roads where the fee varies over distance travelled.Parking - It’s a road element which is the part of parking lot.Intersection - Intersection is the crossing between 2 or more than 2 roads on the same level.Freeway Intersection - Intersection is the crossing between 2 or more than 2 roads on the differentlevel.Traffic Lights - Traffic Lights gives the instruction for the traffic movement.Parallel Road - A Parallel Road refers to a parallel road that gives access to one or more level crossing viamajor slip roadsPedestrian Path - A Pedestrian Zone refers to paths, passages, promenades; that are too narrow orotherwise physically restricted for cars. Walkways can be named or unnamed, paved or unpaved.
  41. 41. Process Flow Area MOD approval Satellite ImageDemarcation for Survey ProcurementDGPS Survey / Field Survey/ Image Data Creation Attribute Rectification Collection Data MOD Approval Quality Check Integration of Data Delivery
  42. 42. Survey Method – DGPS
  43. 43. Survey Method – Camera Drive
  44. 44. Thank You!