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Cloudify Payroll webinar

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You don’t have to re-invest in your payroll system when you want move your payroll process to the Cloud. Discover the easy transition path for payroll so that you can maximize the benefits of the Cloud without having to re-implement SAP Payroll. During this interactive webinar NGA experts explain you how Cloudify Payroll can be a good fit for you.

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Cloudify Payroll webinar

  1. 1. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. 5 Reasons to Cloudify Your SAP Payroll: Apply The Benefits of The Cloud 1
  2. 2. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. 2 Sierra-Cedar October 2015 “People are very afraid to move away from what seem to be fairly stable payroll solutions into a cloud environment” Stacey Harris, VP of Research and Analytics Sierra-Cedar 2015–2016 HR Systems Survey
  3. 3. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Why Move to The Cloud? The Support Challenges When Moving to the Cloud What changes need to happen in your application support strategy? How do you integrate between multiple Saas technology providers? Who is responsible for system integration integrity? What process changes are required within your ERP landscape? How do you manage cloud application updates and life cycles?
  4. 4. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. What Do You Need? Our clients are looking to: • Solve the complexity of integrating and managing onPremise Payroll with HR Cloud solutions • Keep their payroll environment current • Be compliant • Manage regulatory risks • Deal with increasing costs of managing in-house payroll resources • Mitigate shortage of in-house skills (HR IT expertise) 4
  5. 5. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA & SAP - Partners since 1994 The NGA – SAP partner relationship includes: • Business Process Outsourcing • Implementation Services • Application Management Services • Regional Reseller • Multi-country Payroll integration • ePaas (embedded Platform as a Service) to SAP HCM & SuccessFactors customers across the globe.
  6. 6. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. 6 NGA Cloudify Payroll NGA Cloud Taking advantage of NGA’s IP including standardization and integration capabilities
  7. 7. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Cloudify Solution Overview • Pre-packaged solution for onPremise to Cloud migration of HCM PY solutions • Convenient SuccessFactors licensing options • End-to-end solution for support and maintenance One time: • SAP HCM Lift & Shift to Cloud • Employee Central implementation • Employee Central Integration Ongoing Application Management Services • Payroll (&Time) • Employee Central and Release Management • Integration monitoring  Leading to a reliable, integrated, cost-effective payroll in the cloud from a single, proven, end-to-end provider. 7
  8. 8. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Application Maintenance • Corrective, Adaptive & Preventive • All Configuration; Provisioning, XML, Advanced Reporting Tools, Boomi, HCI • ITIL Processes Framework User Support • Technical & operational support • Navigation support Processing Support • Support and management of automated processes • Execution of agreed mass data updates • Execution of agreed routine reports Integration and Performance Monitor • Monitoring and troubleshooting data mapping and 3rd party integration issues • Web performance monitoring and reporting Release Management • Management, implementation and testing of new releases and enhancements. • Refresh management • Yearly Road Map plan Configuration Changes • Minor changes included (less 4 hours) • Catalogue of Change Requests • Ad-hoc Change Requests Security Management • Management of application security • Role Based Permissions Business Continuity Management • Continuity planning and disaster recovery support in line with approved plans. Documentation Maintenance • Technical & configuration document updates 8 Application Management Services
  9. 9. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Transitioning to NGA Cloudify Payroll is Simple and Quick Standard Contractual Agreement • Proper legal risk protections • Matrix of roles/responsibilities within Statement of Work • Defined transition schedule with acceptance criteria • Established governance and service levels • Organization definition, communication channels and procedures Straightforward Pricing • Standard baseline pricing tied to scope and assumptions • Comparable against interface counts, reports and support hours • Options available for call support, time coverage and languages • Set for contract duration Simple Terms • Fixed terms to be agreed upon; tied to performance • Service is live in less than 60 days 9
  10. 10. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. • Access to reliable and standardized processes, policies and procedures • Access to skilled resources with domain expertise to perform the necessary maintenance tasks when needed • Use of key metrics & SLAs that can be continuously monitored and refined • Immediate access to multi-skilled team of functional and technical specialists • Opportunity to add adjacent HR processes to the solution • Compliance is an integral part of the service Benefits of Cloudify Payroll 10 • Ability to focus on strategic HR & IT initiatives • Improved quality of HR IT services: decreased number and duration of business-critical application outages • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity • Improved business application stability, continuity and security • Reduced IT costs; reduced Total Cost of Ownership over time • Enhanced and extended life of a company’s applications • Visibility on and predictability of costs “Why should companies consider partnering with NGA HR to cloudify their SAP Payroll?” Internal Benefits External Benefits
  11. 11. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA HR is recognized as market leader by: What Makes NGA’s Cloudify Payroll Offering Different? 11 • Leverages your current onPremise payroll to make the most of the Cloud • Remain current throughout your payroll cycles: upgrades and maintenance • Guaranteed compliance • Service Level Agreements to ensure quality and accuracy • Global and local based expert support • Support for integrated global payroll • Best practice driven operations • 40 years of experience implementing, maintaining and supporting SAP and SuccessFactors install base • Proven and certified integrations with SAP and SuccessFactors
  12. 12. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. 12 Analyst Recognition NGA leads in SuccessFactors Services according to HfS Research for SuccessFactors Innovation and End-to-End Delivery Capabilities HfS Blueprint Reports 2016 – SuccessFactors Services Download the free report: http://resources.ngahr.com/successfactors-services-hfs-blueprint-report
  13. 13. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Scale • Global HR Technology, HR Outsourcing and HR Consulting business with 46-years experience • c. 8,500 staff in 35 countries • US$800M+ annual turnover • A team of over 5,000+ focused on delivering Payroll, Workforce Admin & Talent Outsourcing services • Supporting 145+ countries in 25 languages • 7 Strategic Outsourcing Delivery centres with a further 20 local delivery centres Global reach Over 25% of FORTUNE Global 500® companies • 12,000+ clients globally • 1,000+ Global HCM/Payroll projects delivered • 150+ multi-country HR, Workforce Admin & payroll outsourcing clients Our customers • Dedicated Service Readiness & Operations Readiness Group experienced in SAP HCM and SuccessFactors • Focus on HR System, HR Process & HR Operating Model design and implementation • Build to Operate approach • Business Process optimization • Change Management and Operational transition • 12 Year SAP HCM relationship with global BPO software license and Partner Edge agreements • 525 SAP HR Consultants including 175 SuccessFactors • One in 10 Employee Central projects delivered by NGA HR Technology & HR Transformation About NGA Human Resources 14
  15. 15. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA & SuccessFactors SAP BPO partner since 1994 SuccessFactors BPO partner since 2012 Certified Cloud Consultants 175+ Successful Cloud Implementations 300+ Proven track record in 49countries 6m+employees served on NGA- installed HR systems Over 150 HR BPO customers Working with 8,500employees in 35 countries 1,000+HR system implementations 523m £835m $ FY2013 revenue 145+ Providing HR & Payroll services in 8 HR platforms on which NGA can deliver HR services251 out of 5 of Fortune 500 companies countries languages spoken in our HR service delivery centers
  16. 16. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Looking For More Information? [recorded webinar] HR Myth Busted: Cloud Applications Need Maintenance Too Replay the full webinar now: http://resources.ngahr.com/cloud-applications-need-maintenance-too [position paper] The 5 Most Overlooked Elements when Managing HR in the Cloud Download the position paper http://resources.ngahr.com/5-most-overlooked-elements-when-managing-hr-cloud [data sheet ] Application Management Services for SuccessFactors Download the data sheet http://resources.ngahr.com/application-management-services-successfactors
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