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An Easy Path to Kubernetes on Nutanix

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An Easy Path to Kubernetes on Nutanix with Patryk Wolsza - Solution Architect Datacenter Solutions Group, Intel Corporation

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An Easy Path to Kubernetes on Nutanix

  1. 1. AN EASY PATH TO KUBERNETES ON NUTANIX Patryk Wolsza Solution Architect Datacenter Solutions Group Intel Corporation
  2. 2. HYBRID Transformation and Cloud Delivery Options ON PREMISE & PRIVATE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD • 10 – 30 % - physical • 70 – 90 % - virtual • ~ 10% workloads
  3. 3. Infrastructure to run containers Number of users running their container on AWS in 2016160 % 1. Source: https://clusterhq.com/assets/pdfs/state-of-container-usage-june-2016.pdf 2. Multiple choices were allowed 40 % Number of users running their containers on Internal infrastructure in 20161 Converged infrastructure seems to be answer to those needs
  4. 4. Do I need containers? VMs world vs Containers world Platform Utilization Workload Agility Efficiency at Scale VMs vs Containers Pros: • Many VMs per server resource • Easy to provision • Self-service • Easy migration, DR, upgrade Cons: • Too „fat” in application deployment • Take some time to be „ready” Pros: • Portability of the apps • Deployment in seconds • Simplicity • Easy at scale Cons: • Adoption level • Fragmentation
  5. 5. Path to CaaS on NTNX How we’ve done it Persistent Storage Persistent Storage AHV Intel® Xeon® Network API Nutanix cluster VM VM VM VM VM VM Dep. VM IaaS …K8S wor. K8S wor. K8S Mas. K8S Mas. K8S Mas. PaaS / CaaS Nutanix Volume Plugin Simplicity Rapid Delivery Time Unbound Performance 01 1010101101010 1010101010110101010 10101010101101010101010 10101010101101010101010101010 With the Cloud for All initiative, Intel is helping answer this call by making cloud technology easier to deploy. Scale on Demand
  6. 6. An easy path to K8S on NTNX. Time to use it !!! Github offices (photo by) Ariel Zambelich/Wired Out NOW, get it on: https://github.com/nutanix/k8s