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OSMC 2022 | Current State of icinga by Bernd Erk


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OSMC 2022 | Current State of icinga by Bernd Erk

  1. 1. Current State of Icinga Open Source Monitoring Conference 2022
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Bernd Erk (@gethash)
  4. 4. Icinga Our goal is to build and continuously improve our unified Open Source and enterprise-grade monitoring solution to help you monitor your entire infrastructure. This means constantly adjusting to new necessities and driving innovation forward.
  5. 5. Made for Enterprises Connect your whole landscape with Icinga and experience outstanding stability and flexibility with your monitoring. Our enterprise-ready solution is unbeatable in customization, automation, and scaling. Scalability and Multitenancy Comprehensive Monitoring Simplified Monitoring High Availability Enterprise-Grade Support Safe and Secure
  6. 6. What does Enterprise mean?
  7. 7. https://www.axle-it.nl/blog/network-monitoring/
  8. 8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/splunk/2021/09/01/supercharge-your-it-monitoring/
  9. 9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/splunk/2021/09/01/supercharge-your-it-monitoring/
  10. 10. https://www.magna5global.com/know-whats-happening-on-your-network/
  11. 11. https://www.thenexthint.com/cyber-security-career-in-2022-is-it-worth-it-and-why/18895/
  12. 12. https://www.firstlight.net/services/monitoring/
  13. 13. https://www.lstelcom.com/en/products/spectrum-monitoring/
  14. 14. https://kadry.infor.pl/kadry/indywidualne_prawo_pracy/ochrona_danych_osobowych/5443861,Monitoring-w-pracy-kodeks-pracy.html
  15. 15. What does Icinga want?
  16. 16. How do we do it?
  17. 17. Successful Icinga Users Automotive Technology Industrials Government Research
  18. 18. Customer Stories
  19. 19. Telekom IT
  20. 20. Magalu • Multi-Channel strategy • Conventional stores, Virtual stores, Tele-sales, E-commerce platform • The company that “digitalizes Brazil” • Icinga monitoring is fundamental
  21. 21. "We were looking for a lighter, more practical solution that would give us the possibility of various integrations, greater ease of visualization and configuration." Fabricio Lima, Magazine Luiza S.A.
  22. 22. Transitioning to Icinga • Consolidating information • Validating what is really necessary for the business • Migrating data about the infrastructure • Cleaning the data • Creation of new dashboards • Training of the staff
  23. 23. 11.000 43.000
  24. 24. Integrations E-mail New Relic Elasticsearch Slack VictorOps
  25. 25. Icinga.com/customers
  26. 26. Community GitHub Community Blog Icinga Exchange Events Meetup Hub for good, all Open Source. Discuss and share best practices. Gather to thrive. Plugins, addons, modules and more. Meet in person. Read and learn.
  27. 27. Community Highlights
  28. 28. Icinga Web Netbox by Sol1 Icinga Web module to import objects from Netbox into Icinga Director Gets data from the Netbox API using API tokens Support for search filters Using Icinga Director property modifiers and sync rules
  29. 29. "primary_ip": { "address": "", "id": 1234 }
  30. 30. "primary_ip": { "address": "", "id": 1234 }
  31. 31. Icinga Web Netbox Available on GitHub - https://github.com/sol1/icingaweb2-module-netbox
  32. 32. Meerkat by Sol1 Meerkat is a utility to create and share dashboards for Icinga2 WSIWYG editor background and overlaying checks real time by polling the Icinga2 API
  33. 33. Meerkat by Sol1 Available on meerkat.run - https://meerkat.run
  34. 34. The Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugins Collection This Enterprise Class Check Plugin Collection offers a package of more than 160 Python- based check plugins. Each plugin is a stand-alone command line tool that provides a specific type of check. Typically, your monitoring software will run these check plugins to determine the current status of hosts and services on your network.
  35. 35. The Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugins Collection All plugins are available for Python 3.6 (most of them for Python 2.7) Support for Linux and Windows Basket import for Icinga Director Grafana dashboards included Every plugin is an individual CLI-Tool Recommendations wherever possible
  36. 36. Check redis-status ./redis-status --maxmemory0-ok Redis v7.0.0, standalone mode on, /etc/redis/redis.conf, up 3W 3h, 22.5% memory usage (644.6MiB/2.8GiB, 1014.6MiB peak, 625.4MiB RSS), maxmemory-policy=volatile-lru, 1 DB (db0) with 13547 keys, 0.0 evicted keys, 555.5K expired keys, hit rate 62.7% (4.1M hits, 2.4M misses), Sam, I detected a few issues in this Redis instance memory implants: * Peak memory: In the past this instance used more than 150% the memory that is currently using. The allocator is normally not able to release memory after a peak, so you can expect to see a big fragmentation ratio, however this is actually harmless and is only due to the memory peak, and if the Redis instance Resident Set Size (RSS) is currently bigger than expected, the memory will be used as soon as you fill the Redis instance with more data. If the memory peak was only occasional and you want to try to reclaim memory, please try the MEMORY PURGE command, otherwise the only other option is to shutdown and restart the instance.
  37. 37. The Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugins Collection Available on GitHub - https://github.com/Linuxfabrik/monitoring-plugins All plugins are written in Python and licensed under the UNLICENSE (https://unlicense.org) All plugins have wonderful icons and do a great job Like our partner Linuxfabrik did with this project - Thank You!
  38. 38. Infrastructure Monitoring Observe your entire IT in one Place Automation Monitor massive amounts of data. Cloud Monitoring Monitor the private, the public and hybrid. Metrics & Logs Get the context and recognize trends. Automation Analyze data and perform proactively. Notifications Get alerted and react with confidence. The Icinga Stack
  39. 39. Infrastructure Monitoring Observe your entire IT in one place.
  40. 40. Icinga 2.13.6 Release of version 2.13.6 in November Improve the throughput of the Icinga DB feature Multiple changes to speed up evaluation of apply rules Windows: update bundled Boost and OpenSSL versions
  41. 41. Icinga Web 2.11.2 Release of version 2.11.2 in November Support for PHP 8.1 (2.11) Redesign User Menu (2.11) Support for migration tool
  42. 42. Icinga PHP Library Generalistic PHP library build and used by Icinga Abstraction layers for HTML, SQL, standard libs and common web components ipl-html ipl-i18n ipl-orm ipl-scheduler ipl-sql ipl-stdlib ipl-validator ipl-web
  43. 43. Icinga for Windows Release of version 1.10 in August Breaks compatibility with all previous generated performance data New versions for Plugins Hyper-V MSSQL Cluster Dashboards for Grafana
  44. 44. https://osmc.de/archives/
  45. 45. Monitoring Automation Monitor massive amounts of data.
  46. 46. Icinga Director Icinga Director 1.10 Using fundamental changes delivered with 1.9 for Director Branches Improved REST API withServices allowOverrides Sync Preview
  47. 47. Demo
  48. 48. Any questions?
  49. 49. Cloud Monitoring Monitor the private, the public and the hybrid.
  50. 50. Icinga Module for vSphere® Version 1.5 released in October 2022 UI improvements Restrict access to specific vCenters New check plugins InfluxDB v2 support
  51. 51. https://osmc.de/archives/
  52. 52. Icinga DB
  53. 53. How it works? Icinga writes into different Redis sets and streams Centralized and decentralized scenarios Parallelized DB inserts using deterministic IDs Foundation for comprehensive analytics
  54. 54. Icinga DB v1.0 GA release in June 2022 Very positive feedback so far No major issues required for a version 1.1 so far
  55. 55. Icinga DB – Data migration Icinga DB 1.1 released this week Import history from IDO to Icinga DB Restarts at the same point if stopped
  56. 56. Demo
  57. 57. Icinga Modules
  58. 58. Icinga Modules Update for every Icinga Module this year Make use of IPL in all Icinga modules Provide packages for every upcoming release Packages for Icinga Cube and Icinga Director already available
  59. 59. Demo
  60. 60. What’s next?
  61. 61. Notifications Get alerted and react with confidence.
  62. 62. Current challenges Configuring notifications, the right way, is complicated It could be more intuitive in Icinga but it really is complicated People Channels Timezones On-call Rotation Alert fatigue
  63. 63. Notifications will be moved* to the web Create, manage and track event rules which define who will be notified about what at which time Add escalations to event rules to create sophisticated rules and alert responsible persons after time Create and manage duties, e. g. for On-call
  64. 64. Notification pipeline Multiple Sources Icinga 2 in the beginning Icinga Modules follow later (without Icinga 2) Eventually third-party data sources can use the APIs Multiple Channels By default, emails will be sent Add additional channels like: Text messages, Voice alerts, Slack, MS Teams, ServiceNow, Rocket.Chat, Telegram, Ticketing
  65. 65. Notification summary On premise “PagerDuty replacement” Capable to use SaaS (cloud) adapters Transforming Icinga Notifications to your central hub for alerts and notifications for all channels GDPR compliant *zwinkersmiley*
  66. 66. Would you like to see some mockups?
  67. 67. Would you like to see some real mockups?
  68. 68. Coming up next year!
  69. 69. Coming up this year!
  70. 70. Minor Module Updates Web Graphite Integration 1.2.2 • Bugfixes • Packages GenericTTS 2.1.0 • Web 2.11.x compatibility • Packages
  71. 71. Icinga Certificate Monitoring 1.2.0 PostgreSQL Support Autoclean mechanism Configure targets to exclude from scans Instead of performing full scans, scan targets that are either not yet known or older than a specified time
  72. 72. Icinga Reporting 1.0.0 List and download reports via CLI Add multiple reportlets (e.g. Host SLA or Service SLA) to one report Icinga DB Web hooks into the report mail targets to offer the users from the Icinga 2 configuration
  73. 73. Icinga Business Process Modelling 2.5.0 Shows the amount of critical root processes in the menu The built-in check shows the affected nodes in the detail view Nodes can be sorted by state and display name Collapsing tree branches is preserved across sessions XOR Operator
  74. 74. Icinga Camp Berlin May 2023
  75. 75. twitter.com/icinga github.com/icinga facebook.com/icinga icinga.com Thank You! Enjoy the evening event!