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What Doctors Can Teach Us on Continuous Learning

  1. What Doctors Can Teach Us on Continuous Learning Johnny Graber @j_graber
  2. Lack of Time
  3. Professionals
  4. Legal Requirements for Doctors in Switzerland Art 40 MedBG on professional duties: They deepen, expand and improve their professional knowledge, skills and abilities in the interest of quality assurance through lifelong training.
  5. • Doctors must do continuous medical training Federal Law • 80 Credits per year, 50 must be declared FMH / SIME • 5 credits per publication, max 10 credits / year Professional Society of Intensive Care
  6. Rules for Devs
  7. Therac-25
  8. Consequences
  9. Expectations
  10. To learn something, you need to spend 10,000 hours doing it. The 10,000 Hours Rule on deliberate practise master
  11. A 20 Hours Approach in 4 Simple Steps 1. Deconstruct the skill 2. Learn enough to self-correct 3. Remove practice barriers 4. Practice at least 20 hours Book: The First 20 Hours by Josh Kaufman
  12. sleep work all other things We work as many hours as we should sleep. Why do we think sleep deprivation is the only way to learn?
  13. How do doctors learn new procedures? Not by taking patients home to operate them on the kitchen table!
  14. Categories of Continued Training • Attending Events and conferences • Lecturing and teaching activities • Participating in a quality circle • Scientific publication • Poster presentation • Intervision / Supervision • Other training activities • Clinical-practical training • In-Training-Exam / Self-Assessment
  15. Conferences
  16. Lecturing
  17. Publications
  18. Poster
  19. Diagnostic error Communication Specific diagnosis Failure in hand-off communication Difficult to diagnose Organisational issues Faulty reasoning Quality Circle Failure to consider alternative diagnoses Diagnostic equipment unavailable
  20. Intervision
  21. Combine
  22. What offers your company?
  23. Your Work Routine Task Code
  24. One Input, multiple Outputs Task Code Tests ADR Doc Share .txt
  25. Alternative I: Learn the Technology Stack We do automated testing to ensure that our application works as expected by using • NUnit and Moq for unit and integration testing • Selenium and Specflow for user acceptance tests on the UI • Netsparker to check for security flaws and misconfiguration on the server
  26. Alternative II: Project Dependencies • Find the libraries your projects depend on • Order them by frequency • Learn the most used first
  27. Alternative III: Basic Parts of your Work • Speed-reading • Touch typing • Daily used tools
  28. Semmelweis
  29. Actionable
  30. Adapt to Adopt
  31. Remember • Your work offers much to learn • Make learning a habit • Persist your knowledge • Don’t cut sleep
  32. Thank you!
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