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.NETworking Workshop Design Thinking

  1. Design Thinking 6.April 2018 Pascal Geronimi
  2. WHY DESIGN THINKING? In 2020, more than 75% of the biggest companies will be companies we have never heard of. Creative Destruction by Richard Foster and Sarah Kaplan
  3. Das hat früher funktioniert...
  4. WHAT IS DESIGN THINKING? A human–centered approach that accelerates innovation and brings about solution for complex problems IDEO
  6. Design Thinking Prozess
  7. Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test D.SCHOOL’S DESIGN THINKING MODES
  8. Mit den Händen denken
  9. Ausgehend vom Nutzerbedürfnis INNOVATIONS SWEET SPOT
  10. THE DESIGN PROCESS Rapid, rough prototypes, Lots of variantes Detailed and refined prototypes Effort
  11. By iterating, we validate our ideas along the way because we’re hearing from the people we’re actually designing for Gaby Brink, Founder, Tomorrow Partners
  12. DESIGN THINKING MINDSET Human-centered Build in order to think Fast iterations