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NATIVE VML Trends Report August 2015

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NATIVE VML Trends Report August 2015

  1. 1. THETRENDSREPORT September 2015 Proudly brought to you by NATIVE VML THETRENDSREPORT August 2015 Proudly brought to you by NATIVE VML
  4. 4. Advancements in technology have altered the way people think about what constitutes a place of work and learning. Virtual reality is ensuring that consumers are connected and therefore effective from anywhere; work and learning are being decentralised for increased productivity. Decentralizing space.
  5. 5. The NewAge Classroom. Holography is a future teaching tool that allows teachers to provide instructions through an electronic multimedia device, and still give students a life-like classroom experience from the comfort of their homes. UNISA is already testing out the technology among part-time students who have classes in the evenings and on weekends. READ MORE Source: Timeslive
  6. 6. Virtual technology is being utilised by advertisers to introduce new ways to market products, and in so doing, display life-like experiences that allow consumers to interact with brands from a different angle. Virtually enhanced retail experiences.
  7. 7. Digitising stock TheAudi City has a digital car showroom that uses state-of-the-art technology to digitise stock from the entireAudi line. Customers can assemble their dream car with an elegant and intuitive touchscreen interface and finished models are ‘swiped’ to a wall where full-scale digital representations can be explored in a 360-degree digital environment. Source:designit READ MORE
  8. 8. A conceptual window display The Window that Never Sleeps offers a 360 degree visualisation of a holographic suit at one of the busiest places in London. It can be operated even after hours when the store—in this case, a conceptual Paul Smith facade—is closed. Source:Vimeo READ MORE
  10. 10. There are new mobile innovations in Science and Technology that are making it possible for ordinary consumers to remotely access and monitor their health, and this comes at a much lower cost for people who cannot afford quality healthcare. Making healthcare accessible.
  11. 11. X-Ray Pill Cap Check is in the process of testing a new capsule endoscope pill that gives doctors a less invasive way of screening their patients for colon cancer. It has a built-in camera able to scan the interior of the organ and subsequently transmit this data to a high-tech dermal patch once the patient swallows it. READ MORE Source: Good Magazine
  12. 12. The Memory Keeping App Samsung and dementia specialists at the Praram9 Hospital developed a Memory Recaller app that will help Alzheimer patients with memory loss. It uses face recognition technology to help jog their memories and eliminate unnecessary repetition to vastly improve the quality of patient’s lives. Source: Engadget READ MORE
  13. 13. Technology has made it easier and cheaper for consumers to get the things they want and need in one offering. The digital convergence trend is making it possible for distinct industries like fashion and medicine to merge and create innovative products consumers can utilise in their everyday lives. This is resulting in the emergence of new industries that are proving to be more effective in the long run. The emergence of new industries.
  14. 14. Designer Health Design researcher Paulien Routs has developed SOAK, a sweat-sensitive textile coating that provides a warning of dehydration. When applied to sportswear it changes colour while the wearer is working out. The different colours provide a visual cue, showing the composition of their sweat and the condition of their internal health. Source: Materia
  15. 15. . Traditional marketing publishers are staying current by innovating the platforms they use to engage with their consumers, they are now employing interactive measures to make users feel more involved. Innovating traditional spaces.
  16. 16. Creating Active Consumers Brazilian magazine Caras’ interactive ad to sell makeup removal allows consumers to wipe make-up off the face on the cover. The experience not only proves the effectiveness of the product but connects consumers in an unexpected and interactive way. Source: The Stable READ MORE
  17. 17. Smart Posters M&C Saatchi in the UK applied artificial intelligence to create a self-regenerating smart poster series with built-in Microsoft Kinect cameras. The cameras gauge a person's mood and interest in the advertisement as they walk by. The billboard is able to use algorithms to re-create new layouts, copy, fonts and images in the hopes of making a more pleasing arrangement that will catch the attention of someone walking by. READ MORE Source: Trends Hunter
  19. 19. Artificially intelligent systems and robots are now being programmed with intuitive abilities that allow them to think like-and-for humans, they are equipped with automated responses that ensure that they can fully engage in personalised interactions with humans. Automated love interests.
  20. 20. Intuitive Conditional lover Microsoft introduced a Tinder-bot with the ability to learn through mathematical expressions into the Chinese market. It takes cues from input data to find matches for users based on extracted profile images and suggested preferences. A suspended camera connected to a Smartphone evaluates the person in the profile and cross-references the findings to measure compatibility. READ MORE Source: Saurabh Datta
  21. 21. Automated Intimacy Xiaoice is an artificially intelligent messaging program with a personality that was introduced in China for use on Smartphones. It mimics the human brain through its ability to store detailed ‘memories’ from exchanges with users. It collects data on intimate details from individuals to be more interactive and engaging with users. READ MORE Source: Digital Trends
  22. 22. The kind of technology that gathers, sorts and analyses data at a faster pace in order to process and act on the insights, is now on trend. The findings can be used in real-time by experts to solve social issues in order to change and make people’s lives easier and manageable. Context identifying technology.
  23. 23. Addressing the World Many people across the world still live in unaddressed remote areas, but the What3words app automatically assigns a three-word address to any 3m x 3m square, on a grid of 57 trillion squares across the globe to people without addresses. Context Identification READ MORE Source: What 3 Words
  24. 24. Using mobile for safety Forsman & Bodenfors have created a safety mobile app that switches to a child’s voice near schools, day care centres and any areas where children are likely to be present. The satellite connected app warns drivers to slow down and be on the lookout for kids crossing or walking-by. READ MORE Source: Adweek
  26. 26. Brands are now playing with the idea of hijacking competitor’s ideas without stealing or plagiarising their concepts. It’s a creative technique being explored by global brands to market and reach consumers. Interceptive marketing techniques.
  27. 27. Humanised Campaign During the Superbowl in the USA Volvo and their agency GREY decided to reach out to consumers on Twitter, instead of doing a commercial. To stand a chance to win a new Volvo, people had to use the Volvo handle to hash-tag the name of the person they would give the car to, whenever a competitor’s commercial was on TV. While other car companies were showing consumers what matters to their brand, Volvo wanted to know who inspired, moved and mattered most to the consumers. READ MORE Source: eYeka
  28. 28. . Fast food places are now having to compete for customers with restaurants that offer healthier options, since more people are changing their eating habits. The heavy competition forces fast food providers to find new ways to lure customers to their establishment. They have to offer consumers an experience that goes beyond eating, just for something extra. Gorilla marketing lets them retain some market share in a competitive industry. Innovative marketing for fast foods.
  29. 29. Layered dining experience Pizza Hut has a new cardboard blockbuster pizza box that turns into a working movie projector for your Smartphone. It comes with a lens which can be inserted into the side of the box after you punch out the perforated hole. The consumers buy pizza but instead get an entire movie experience which will now be associated with Pizza Hut. . Source: Business insider
  30. 30. Immersive musical experience The “KFC Sound Bite” is a campaign that saw the installation of digital audio tables inside their stores. Local artists created the branded digital touch tables where the customers could play songs and initiate distribution of their music through social sharing without interrupting other customers. READ MORE Source: Best ads on TV
  32. 32. Just simply creating video content to market a brand is not enough to attract and captivate consumers anymore. Video has taken on a new life that taps into virtual reality and 3d tools. Content creators have been pioneering and experimenting with digital techniques that enhance how they share their stories without jeopardising their message. Virtual musical experience.
  33. 33. Experimentalist Video Content Björk released a mind-bending 360-degree video for her song, “Stonemilker”. The technique used in the video allows users to view the Icelandic art-pop experimentalist from different angles whilst she sings on a wind-swept beach outside of Reykjavik. With the appropriate browser technology fans can navigate the visuals by pulling the screen with their mouse. READ MORE Source: Stereogum
  34. 34. In Motion Standard Bank created an engaging and beautifully crafted TV ad that used visual effects to suspend action in time. Through a seamless combination of frozen moments and in motion, it took the viewer through three bustling working environments to explore what a bank should be to its customers. Source: Between 10 and 5 Automated Love Interests. READ MORE
  35. 35. Brands have been moved into a unique space that allows them to produce purpose-driven work that rewards consumers for their loyalty, and still get to ensure brand awareness to attract new followers. Marketers are now sourcing for deeper insights to create branded products that attempt to speak to basic human truths, and in so doing, establish brands with a greater purpose that speaks to people’s needs. Greater brand purpose.
  36. 36. Exploring unique stories Nokia partnered with an agency to create a campaign that targets Filipino workers living in the UAE, and don’t often get to see their families. They invited them to tell their unique stories of homesickness in front of cameras, and five of the most touching were put into Tek cards (a popular storytelling medium the target audience grew up using). Nokia made them feel closer to home and offered a return flight back to the Philippines to visit their families. Source: Gulf Marketing Review
  37. 37. Consumers relate to brands that inspire them and stand for something that goes beyond a product or service. When the message carries some psychological insights into the mind of the consumer it increases the chances of success. Brands that are conscious of their customer’s needs seem more empathetic, and therefore, are able to establish emotional connections. Customer-conscious storytelling.
  38. 38. Redefine strength Nike took a deeper look into what it takes (physical strength aside) to train and compete among the world’s greatest via their Inner Strength campaign. They tell a unique story that redefines athleticisms from the perspective of a disabled Olympian, with the brand now being associated with the strong role it plays in athletics, fitness and changing perceptions. READ MORE Source: psfk.com

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