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Hidden in the Data: Unlocking Insights that Improve Marketing ROI | Deluxe

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Understanding the banking public–their needs, preferences, and behaviors–is a critical element of profitable marketing programs.

Although banks and credit unions have access to a tremendous amount of consumer data, turning those bits and bytes into actionable marketing plans can be challenging.

This presentation will discuss a new method for mining data that promises to help financial institutions more effectively identify their best marketing prospects, develop compelling marketing collateral, launch campaigns, and measure return on investment.

Additionally, it will discuss how to use integrated predictive analytics to improve marketing efficiency and campaign results by identifying those customers and prospects most likely to respond to offers.

Learning Objectives

Understand how to unlock predictive insights from your data
Discover how to increase the response rate to product/service offers
Learn how to orchestrate customer experiences and communication based on profit potential
Understand which incentives will profitably increase non-interest income
Gain information about measuring the real financial impact of marketing programs

This recording is presented by Deluxe Corporation and NAFCU Services Corporation.

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