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What if

Speculative Design as World Building talk for HighWire DTC

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What if

  1. 1. What If? Prof Paul Coulton @ProfTriviality by J4ckandJ4ck
  2. 2. The What If?
  3. 3. Bel Geddes Futurama 1939
  4. 4. Radical Design Continuous Monument Superstudio
  5. 5. Radical Design Archigram
  6. 6. Future Present Future Time Probable Plausible Possible Josepth Voros
  7. 7. Possible Present Future Time Probable - likely to happen Plausible - could happen Possible - might happen Future
  8. 8. Critical Design Present Future Time Probable Plausible Possible Preferable
  9. 9. Speculative Design use fiction no commercial constraints prototype driven irreverant Auger Coulton
  10. 10. Design Fiction “deliberate use of diegetic prototypes to suspend disbelief about change... It means you’re thinking very seriously about potential objects and services and try to get people to concentrate on those – rather than entire worlds or geopolitical strategies. It’s not a kind of fiction. It’s a kind of design. It tells worlds rather than stories” Bruce Sterling
  11. 11. Design Fiction
  12. 12. Mimesis?
  13. 13. The Magic Circle ‘the place dedicated to the performance of an act apart’ Huizinga
  14. 14. Behind the Curtain
  15. 15. Punk’D Banksy
  16. 16. Present Present Future Domestication Technology Emergence Alternate Presents or Lost Futures Speculative Futures Past adapted from James Auger
  17. 17. Past “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future” Marshall Mcluhan
  18. 18. What ifs Present Future Time Plausible Possible Past Plausible Possible Point of Focus