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Voice Control for the Internet of Things

Slides from workshop considering how voice might be used to control internet of things objects in the home

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Voice Control for the Internet of Things

  1. 1. Paul Coulton and Joe Lindley Voice Control in the Internet of Things
  2. 2. How do we talk to objects? ? ?
  3. 3. Defining the interaction Control Feedback Status
  4. 4. How do multiple people talk to objects? ? ? ?
  5. 5. How do objects talk to objects? ? ?
  6. 6. How do we use a voice assistant as interpreter? ? ? ?
  7. 7. What about Privacy and Security? • The main rights for individuals under the GDPR will be: • subject access, • to have inaccuracies corrected, • to have information erased, • to prevent direct marketing • to prevent automated decision-making and profiling, and data portability • User must make meaningful consent ?