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"MySQL on AWS RDS and its Myth" Kabilesh ( Co-founder Mydbops ). RDS has Proces and Con's , Kabilesh shares his experience on RDS and busted a few myths.

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  1. 1. AWS RDS For MySQL & Myths
  2. 2. Interested in Open Source technologies Active MySQL Community Contributor Tech Speaker/Blogger  Co-Founder, Mydbops IT Solutions, 2016 Kabilesh PR About Me
  3. 3. Mydbops Services Consulting Services Managed Services Specialized on MySQL and MongoDB
  4. 4. Agenda Features Myths Introduction To RDS MySQL What and Why Ease of Deployment, Maintenance, Scaling High Availablity Cost-Effectiveness Zero Downtime Failover Auto Tuning 5X Faster Database Security
  5. 5. What Is RDS Fully managed Realation Database Service By AWS Designed to Simplify Set up Operate Scale  10 Years Of Operation
  6. 6. What Is RDS
  7. 7. Why RDS No infrastructure maintenance Cost effective (pay as you model / Reserved instance) Instance provisioning Scale up/Down in no-time Compliance ready
  8. 8. Features
  9. 9. Preloaded with Data compliance
  10. 10. Scaling WW What Can I Scale? Database Instance Read Replica   Storage
  11. 11. Scaling WW Database Instance Scaling
  12. 12. Scaling WW Read Replica For Scaling read traffic Replica is made online MySQL RDS supports 5 Replicas(Asynchronously) Aurora RDS supports 15 read replicas (Nearly Synchronous) with 10-50MS lag Cross region replica is supported
  13. 13. Scaling WW Read Replica
  14. 14. Scaling WW Storage MySQL RDS now supports Auto-scaling of disk Aurora Disk is auto extended by 10Gextends Disk scaling(increments) is one way and online Higher the disk size higher the IOPS (1GB=3iops) max 16k PIOPS max 80K iops, comes with heavy cost Storage is auto-repaired (Aurora) Disk HA is maintained with 6copies in 3Az’s
  15. 15. High Availablity WW MySQL RDS provides multi AZ for HA, synchronous standby with DRDB Has DML over head Aurora RDS cluster volume(Shared distributed storage volume) provides real HA Failover priority is configurable
  16. 16. High Availablity Multi-AZ   Aurora Cluster volume  
  17. 17. Myth1 Cost-Effectiveness
  18. 18. Cost-Effectivness - Comparison No Free Meals, Do The Math  3 X Costlier
  19. 19. Cost-Effectivness - Features Vs Price Multi-AZ  2 X Normal Cost Passive Instance (DRBD Replication) Does not take any application traffic Usage HA Backup 
  20. 20. Cost-Effectivness - Features Vs Price Disks IOPS Supported Relative To Price ( 3 x Size In GB ) DiskDisk IOPSIOPS PIOPSPIOPS (Provisioned)(Provisioned) COSTCOST 500 GB 1500 (Default) - 47 $ 500 GB - 1500 160 $ 500 GB - 3000 257 $ 500 GB - 10000 712 $
  21. 21. Cost-Effectivness - Effective Use Guidelines For Effective Usage: Evaluate Multi-AZ requirements   SSD with More Storage / SSD with More IOPS Auto Extend Disk Capacity Planning  Use Of Reserved Instances
  22. 22. Myth2 Zero Downtime Failover
  23. 23. Zero Downtime Failover There is no zero downtime failover Even with Multi Az and Aurora cluster It takes time for Existing connections wipe off DNS Fail-over
  24. 24. Zero Downtime Failover
  25. 25. Zero Downtime Failover - Effective Use Guidelines For Effective Usage: Be Advised, Multi-AZ failover takes for 60 - 120 Seconds to complete Bring parallel enviornment and cutover Use Route 53 DNS / Proxies To Avoid Endpoint Reconfiguration
  26. 26. Myth3 Auto Tuning
  27. 27. Auto Tuning - Configuration One size not fit all  Limited plugin support RDS only auto tunes the two MySQL variables. VariableVariable FormulaFormula ExampleExample (Instance of 12 GB RAM)(Instance of 12 GB RAM) max_connections {DBInstanceClassMemory/1258 2880} 1024 (Approx 12 MB/C) innodb_buffer_pool {DBInstanceClassMemory*3/4} 8 GB (75%)
  28. 28. Auto Tuning - Storage Configuration Storage related variables are un modifiable All data to same disk Data Directory Temp Directory Binary, Relay, Error, Slow logs Lead to IO Saturation On Specific Workload
  29. 29. Auto Tuning - Flexiblity
  30. 30. Myth4 5X Faster Database
  31. 31. 5x Faster Database RDS Aurora claims 5X faster database It doesn't say its write centric or read centric workload It does scale for read centric workload Unspoken fact is on Write centric workload, It Performs very badly Fully dependent on Amazon for bug fixes or upgrades Aurora only supports InnoDB. 
  32. 32. Myth5 Security
  33. 33. Security It's Shared Responsiblity
  34. 34. Security VPC con guration Security Groups SSL con guration Keyring plugin not - supported Use KMS for rest  encrypt
  35. 35. QUESTIONS ? Thank You!

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"MySQL on AWS RDS and its Myth" Kabilesh ( Co-founder Mydbops ). RDS has Proces and Con's , Kabilesh shares his experience on RDS and busted a few myths.


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