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  1. 1. Allain continued to look afterMegan after school, but hehad all but dropped out. Theymucked about the same atthe Baileys house, but Meganmissed seeing him in thecorridors and showing off herfriendship with the teen atschool.But dropping out just addedto his mystery in her eyes.How was he getting awaywith it?
  2. 2. The answer was big brotherEdward was paying off theschool and the localgovernmental attendanceofficers. He had decided it wastime for Allain to get involved inthe family business – crime. Edward was even spending less time with Trinity in order to concentrate on Allain. He had visions of a large criminal dynasty under his direction, and he would one day need nephews to do his dirty work.
  3. 3. It wasn’t all hitting the books andlearning the intricacies of the worldsof law, business, finance and so on.Allain had to work on aggressive anddefensive martial arts.It was everything he had beenhoping life in crime would be. He puthis all into it.
  4. 4. Back in the Street, although Jenand Angus never spoke about theirkiss at the housewarming party, ithad brought them closer. At theend of a long day Angus would havedinner waiting for Jen in his flat,and they’d chat for hours.
  5. 5. They’d hang out all evening too. More often than not in Angus’ flat, so that Jencould leave all her paperwork behind downstairs and relax for a while.Both of them felt the attraction, but werent sure how to bring it up. Angus fearedrejection by the beautiful high-flyer, while Jen wanted to be surer she wasrebounding on the first man to show affection since Pablo.
  6. 6. Eventually, Angus got over his fear first. He pulled Jen close onenight on the sofa, with a friendly hopeful smile that melted herheart. He was so different from Pablo, who had always been soslick and confident… and insincere.
  7. 7. She loved that Angus seemed happy to take thingsslow, to give them both a chance to go at their ownpace. She didn’t know he was still recovering from hisex-girlfriend dumping him, so was as cautious as shewas as a recent divorcee.
  8. 8. Jen was surprised one morning to find a long in-depth article on the state ofAppaloosa’s growing government in the local paper.Angus had clearly been listening to everything she’d said about her job, somethingPablo never had. What he had written spent time discussing some of the concernsshe’d had, and were there in print for everyone to consider. She could never have gone public with her reservations, however much she’d wanted to. But he had done it for her! Plus he had also proved his worth by not betraying her confidential conversations. None of the problems or issues that she’d told him about and that he’d printed could be traced back to her. He’d phrased everything carefully to protect her. She was touched.
  9. 9. She hurried upstairs without even changing to askhim about it. He was worried he’d overstepped aline but she put his fears to bed. She loved it, andthanked him for exposing the corruption.
  10. 10. Jen came home form work brimming with happiness. The corrupt upper echelons thatAngus had exposed had resigned en mass. The issue of who should head the clean uphad gone to the vote.Jen, who had thought herself overlooked was in fact admired for her modesty andhonesty and was chosen to lead the panel that would appoint new department headsand oversee the emergency Mayoral election.
  11. 11. On impulse, Angus kissed her.
  12. 12. Jen threw herself into his arms. Getting their feelings forone another out in the open once and for all was theprefect end to a wonderful day. And it had all happenedso fast!
  13. 13. Harry Vickers is full of scorn over thescandal. Councils were always corrupt hesaid, corruption greased the wheels ofgovernance and it couldn’t go smoothlywithout it. Ariette stayed quiet, ignoring hisdigs at her for not going into politics.
  14. 14. Harry shifted his lecture into Annette insteadof a bedtime story. He hoped that she wouldgrow up to marry someone influential. Andfailing that, he was a modern man. She couldgo into it herself if she had to.
  15. 15. Deasil StreetNo. 1 No. 3Trinity and Belladonna Darkstone The Williams FamilyNo. 2 Marley, Aimee and MalikaThe Bailey Family. No. 4Warren , Teresa , James and Megan Bernice Kasitova and Ambrose Merrihall No. 5 No. 6 Alfred Hennrick Jen Potter and Angus McKirrick No. 7 Ariette Vickers, her father Harry and daughter Annette Next What’s got James feeling uneasy? Time… What will Bernice do to Ambrose to distract herself from her own feelings? Find out next time on Deasil Street!