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Wordpress New Avatar - Gutenberg

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WordPress has come up with another update – Gutenberg. Let’s ponder upon how Gutenberg update will impact the world of website development.

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Wordpress New Avatar - Gutenberg

  1. 1. www.multidots.com Gutenberg - WordPress in a New “Avataar”
  2. 2. Let's Start with Gutenberg www.multidots.com • Gutenberg - a new editor built for WordPress. • It is named after Johannes Gutenberg. • He was the inventor of a Printing Press with movable type, some 500 years ago. • It introduces the concept of “Little Blocks” to make WordPress easy to use. • WordPress Gutenberg will replace the current WP Editor - TinyMCE. • Matt Mullenweg, the founder, is the one behind launching Gutenberg in WordPress core.
  3. 3. Little Blocks (Build Large Platform) www.multidots.com • Block is a term used to describe units of markup, which combined together forms the content or layout of a webpage. • The whole idea of blocks combines the concepts of WordPress that, at present, could be achieved with the help of short codes, HTML, embeds, user experience, etc. • Gutenberg update will incorporate content in WordPress blocks from backend. It will automatically add blocks to the websites having updated WordPress.
  4. 4. Block Types www.multidots.com Common Block Formatting Block Layout Blocks Widgets Types Of Blocks
  5. 5. 01 - Common Blocks www.multidots.com Paragraph Images Gallery Heading Quote List Cover Audio Video
  6. 6. 02 - Formatting Blocks www.multidots.com Pull Quote Table Performatted Code Custom HTML Custom Test Verse
  7. 7. 03 - Layout Block www.multidots.com The layout block includes options such as : 1. Separator (to separate blocks from one another, to have a clear differentiation among blocks) 2. Button (to insert button directly in the visual editor) 3. Text Columns (to insert text in different columns). Layout Blocks Separator Button Text Columns
  8. 8. 03 - Widget Blocks www.multidots.com Widget block includes the options such as : 1. Latest posts (to show the latest posts being published on the website) 2. Shortcodes (to include shortcodes wherever required during the development of the project) 3. Text Columns (to change the content to be displayed on the navigators like button, menu, etc.) Latest Posts Short Codes Text Columns Widgets
  9. 9. New Features in Gutenberg www.multidots.com Some other features of Gutenberg are are: 1. Easily workable on Mobile 2. Introduction of Table and Text Block 3. Comments automatically stored in HTML 4. Drag and Drop option for images 5. Option to see recently used block 6. Cover Text 7. Slash Autocomplete 8. Anchor Support 9. Word Count 10.Button and Embed Options Short Codes Text Columns
  10. 10. Intuitive Interface With Gutenberg update, WordPress will have intuitive interface. The options provided in the new interface are as follows: www.multidots.com Drag and Drop Option Live HTML Blocks Slash Autocomplete Cover Text Options
  11. 11. Intuitive Interface With Gutenberg update, WordPress will have intuitive interface. The options provided in the new interface are as follows: www.multidots.com Table of Content Option Anchor Supports Word & Block Count Block informtion stored as HTML comments
  12. 12. Futuristic WordPress (Let's Have a Look) www.multidots.com Improved Interface Enhanced user experience Building system with easy block integration Full width templates Smooth & distraction free experience Robust development platform for enterprises and large organizations 01 02 03 04 05
  13. 13. Futuristic Wordpress (Let's Have a Look) www.multidots.com Enhanced workability on mobile devices New visual styles to grow exponentially Freedom to create own custom blocks Scalable System Formation Robust development platform for enterprises and large organizations 06 07 08 09 [ Continued ]..
  14. 14. Futuristic WordPress (Let's Have a Look) Small and large enterprises will benefit from this update across all levels. It would help them grow exponentially to form a scalable system. Also, this would give organizations a better experience for both developers as well as users. www.multidots.com
  15. 15. Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd. C-202, Ganesh Meridian, Nr. Sola Over Bridge, S.G. Highway, Sola Ahmedabad – 380060, Gujarat, INDIA +91-79-2970-8121 Multidots Inc. 2301 Gallows Road Suite 205, Dunn Loring, Virginia – 22027, United States +1-646-568-5447 inquiry@multidots.com inquiry.multidots